Why do companies use Salesforce?

August 19, 2022

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Every manager wants to see their company grow, exploiting its maximum potential and reaching more and more customers, as well as more markets. But running a business is not an easy task, no matter how much we sometimes romanticize the subject. It requires a lot of organization, criteria, and information that is always up-to-date and at hand so that as the head of the company, you can make the best decisions. Great support for companies today is the Salesforce platform.


“Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments, including marketing, sales, commerce and services, a single, shared view of each customer”, can be read on the Salesforce website itself.


And Salesforce is more than just a CRM—it's an all-in-one platform that certainly helps organize customers better, but it also helps you better understand their needs, delivering personalized experiences and enabling faster issue resolution.


Reasons to implement Salesforce in your company


With so many CRM software options on the market, why use Salesforce? In general, we can tell you that Salesforce increases customer satisfaction by 35%, according to data shared by Rolustech. Likewise, it can increase productivity by up to 44% and at least 88% of Fortune 100 companies use an application associated with Salesforce.




It is easy to use and you learn it quickly


With a basic induction, everyone in the company will be able to use the Salesforce platform without problems. Navigation is intuitive, you can log in from anywhere. You can also customize this platform according to what your company needs, with specific modules and fields that you want to add.


It is cloud based


“Salesforce takes flexibility to the next level. You can use it anywhere and anytime. It has pioneered a secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure and offers cloud solutions for sales, marketing, support, and analytics,” they added in the Rolustech article.


Works for both small and large businesses


Salesforce is designed to adapt to any type of company, regardless of its size. All companies can equally enjoy its benefits and functionalities. In addition, the advantage is that it unifies the crucial departments in your business, such as marketing, commerce, sales, customer service and IT.




Can be integrated into various platforms


“Salesforce can integrate other apps in one place. It has an open application programming interface (API) that makes it possible. For example, you can integrate apps like MailChimp, Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Dropbox. If you have these apps, get ready to see them connected to Salesforce,” they explained in a Third Pillar article.


Easy report generation


One of the reasons companies implement Salesforce is because of the ease with which reports can be generated. “Its tools can help you achieve the goal of improving your business through a single view of information related to sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service. It also helps improve your performance and engagement with your customers,” they added in the same article.


Help follow the customer journey


The sales team finds great support in Salesforce, as they can keep track of both customers and prospects, until the conversion takes place. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud are three of the applications that can run on Saleforce.




Salesforce Security Aspects


One of the areas Salesforce focuses the most on is security, as its ultimate goal is to build trust with its customers. “Salesforce brings security to everything it creates so companies can focus on growing and innovating. Together with our customers and partners, we at Salesforce view security as a team sport: we invest in the tools, training, and support needed for everyone",  Salesforce detailed on its website.


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