Is Red Hat Linux free for personal use?

May 30, 2022

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Red Hat Linux is one of the most used cloud computing and database management software today by companies, both medium and large, to host their services in the cloud and improve their performance and production.


One of the biggest advantages of this software, besides being easy to learn, is that it can be used for free by any interested developer, even if they explain it very well on their official website.



red hat


How to use Red Hat for free


Red Hat makes available to developers a program called "Red Hat Developer Subscription", which is free of charge and includes access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux among other products and tools of this software. It is an individual program designed for developers and is available to anyone who needs it.


Joining the program is free, the interested individual will be able to access numerous other Red Hat technologies and learn how to use them. The Red Hat Developer subscription for individuals includes the following components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux:


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (includes GUI)
  • Red Hat software collections and application flows
  • Red Hat developer toolset and compilers
  • Numerous Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure plugins


In addition to all these technologies that are freely available to the developer in this program, the individual will have the Red Hat Enterprise Linux binaries available the individual, the same ones that are used for production and via paid subscription. In addition to the currently supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8, the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals offers access to previous versions that cover a ten-year shelf life.


What is the difference between the free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the paid version used for businesses?


On their official page, they explain “All the software binaries that are available for a subscription are the same regardless of the level of support. Subscriptions vary depending on the level and type of support offered. Businesses buy subscriptions that include service level agreements that meet their business response time needs. Red Hat offers subscriptions with support coverage options (typical business days only, 24x7, etc.) and response time agreements.”


They go on to explain “The Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals at no cost is self-sufficient. Your subscription gives you access to the Red Hat Customer Portal, Exclusive content for portal subscribers includes a knowledge base with thousands of articles covering setup, deployment, troubleshooting, and security.”


In detail, the free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for developers includes: being able to register up to 16 physical or virtual nodes running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, full access to new releases, updates, and fixes, self-service support via the customer support, access to Red Hat discussion groups, magazines, and articles.


What is not included in the free version? Support for any problem related to the operating system. The user must find the solution himself in the articles and magazines available on the official portal or discuss it in the community groups with an expert in the case.


One similarity between the free and paid version is that both must be renewed every year. Members of the Red Hat Developer Program will be notified by email when it is time to renew their subscription, which must be done once the current subscription has expired and follow the same steps as the first time.


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What Red Hat Enterprise Linux architectures are supported in the free subscription?


Any developer who subscribes to the free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be entitled to the x86_64 and aarch64 architectures. Already the Power and Z architectures are available in the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams offering, a paid version.


Features and functions of Red Hat Linux


If you're interested in purchasing one of the free Red Hat Developer Program memberships but have little knowledge of Red Hat software, check out some of the features and functions that keep it among the top picks:


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Install apps with a single command
  • Container development tools
  • Open source projects, such as OpenShift, web tools, and databases.
  • Systems and applications with reinforced security.


Among the advantages of using Red Hat is its certification for cloud computing, as they say on their official website "every cloud is unique, so you need a flexible and stable operating system."


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