Software Testing & QA

Discover why our Quality Assurance and Software Testing solutions are essential to obtain high-quality technology project.

We handle the entire development cycle


The initial phase and one of the most important. The software developer must take the time to plan the project exactly.



After the meetings with the client and having all the details of the project clear and approved, the design phase will proceed. On this, the developer will work together with the UI/UX designer.


Development stage

As its name indicates: this is the stage where the software developer will write the project code, following the guidelines of the previously created design and also the client's needs for the application.


Software tests

When all the code of the application is written, the developer will start testing it to verify that it runs without errors, and if an error appears, it is fixed in time. Then, the integration of the different modules and functions to the core code will begin.


Maintenance stage

Once the application has been tested and integrated with the necessary modules and tools, it will run and be ready to use.

Why hire an expert in software testing & QA?

Customer satisfaction

Save costs

Raise product quality

Reduce software bugs

Increase security

Speed up development

Early detection of errors

Increase confidence

Success Stories

These are some of the solutions we have for your business needs



Rootstack developed an innovative financial management system with a particular focus on generating an engaging user experience.
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One Time

One Time

Rootstack supported One Time in bringing an innovative software solution to market with advanced technology and modern design.
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Rootstack supported the Smithsonian to create a modern, manageable and high-performance website.
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Grupo Grada

Rootstack helped Grupo Grada update its mobile application, creating a modern platform full of functionalities.
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