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    Customer satisfaction

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    Increase security

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    Early detection of errors

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    Improvements at the infrastructure level of the Panama Open Data website
    Rootstack helped AIG on the Improvements at the infrastructure level of the Panama Open Data website.
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    We are experts in developing loyalty programs that boost business.
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    pos system
    We are experts in implementing point-of-sale systems that boost business.
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    virtual office
    We create virtual offices so you can optimize your processes and offer better service.
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    Perfil-Intranet Solución-100 3
    We are experts in the development of intranet apps that improve the agility of companies.
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    Rootstack Software Testing and QA Services


    Functional Testing

    This type of testing verifies that the software behaves according to its specifications and requirements.


    Regression Testing

    Regression testing ensures that new software changes or updates do not introduce new defects.


    Integration Testing

    Integration testing verifies that individual software modules or components work together.


    Performance Testing

    Performance testing evaluates the speed, responsiveness, and stability of software under various conditions.


    Security Testing

    Security testing identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software that could be exploited by attackers.


    Usability tests

    Evaluate the ease of use and intuitiveness of the software interface from the perspective of end users.


    Automated Testing

    Automated testing involves the use of software tools and scripts to automate the execution of test cases.


    Mobile testing

    Focuses on testing software applications designed specifically for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.