Do you need to develop a mobile app? See how nearshore software development services help

July 14, 2023

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nearshore software development


The rise of mobile applications is simply amazing and it is something that is far from growing. Every day there are more and more users of mobile devices, who are beginning to manage their daily lives through mobile applications and today there are mobile applications to do absolutely everything: to buy food and even to monitor our state of health. And with this great demand, nearshore software development services have been key for many companies.


In 2022 alone, users downloaded 255 billion mobile applications worldwide, according to data from the Statista firm. In 2016, this figure stood at 140 billion, evidencing tremendous growth in less than 10 years.


As the technology industry has evolved by leaps and bounds, many companies have found it difficult to catch up with all the technological innovations, which is why they have sought nearshore software development services that support their projects, to add quality, expertise and speed.


nearshore software development

First things first: Why hire nearshore software development services?

When we talk about nearshore software development, it is about outsourcing software development projects to teams located in geographically close countries, but not necessarily in the same country. Instead of hiring software development services in a distant location (offshoring), companies choose to work with development teams in nearby countries.


For example, a company based in the United States can hire software development services in Mexico or Canada, taking advantage of the geographical and cultural proximity between the countries.


Here we give you several reasons why hiring nearshore software development services will always be a good idea:


  • Similar time zones

This is one of the main benefits of contracting nearshore software development services, since by handling similar schedules, the work and synchronization between the internal team and the external team that is in another country will become more fluid. Also, by working from nearby countries, teams can travel and work face to face when the situation warrants.


nearshore software development services


  • Cultural proximity

The issue of culture is essential for the understanding of work teams. Imagine being in the United States and working with teams in Ukraine. Beyond the technical excellence they offer, they may not share the same culture, ways of communicating, and values at work. The latter can seriously affect teamwork, and can cause problems in the software development cycle.


That is why it is a very good option to contract nearshore software development services, because you will gain ground in terms of culture and communication with this work team.


  • Work quality

Many nearby countries offer a highly trained workforce in the field of software development. By hiring nearshore teams, companies can access professionals with relevant technical skills and knowledge, without compromising the quality of work.


nearshore software development services


  • Closer control and supervision

By being physically closer to nearshore development teams, companies can have better control and supervision of the project. This allows them to communicate more directly, monitor progress, and make quicker adjustments as needed.


  • Less language barrier

Compared to offshoring in distant countries, nearshoring often involves working with teams that have a good command of English or another language commonly used in international business. This facilitates fluid communication and reduces potential misunderstandings.


How nearshore software development services help you develop a mobile app

Developing a mobile app involves several phases including strategy definition, analysis and planning, user interface and user experience design, app development, testing, and deployment.


In the strategy definition phase, the purpose and objectives of the mobile application are defined. In the analysis and planning phase, the functional and non-functional requirements of the mobile application are identified. In the UI/UX design phase, the user interface and user experience is designed. In the application development phase, the mobile application is developed using technologies such as native development, hybrid development or web development, IBM said in an article.


In the testing phase, extensive testing is done to identify and fix problems in the mobile app. Finally, in the Deploy and Support phase, the mobile app is deployed and support is provided to ensure it is working properly.


In each of these phases, nearshore software development services can support you for the following reasons:


You can access specialized talent

Nearshore software development services allow companies to access highly trained development teams specialized in mobile application development. These professionals often have expertise in specific technologies and frameworks used in mobile development, ensuring a focused and efficient approach.

nearshore software development services


Flexibility and scalability

They offer greater flexibility and scalability to adapt to the changing needs of mobile application development. Nearshore teams can quickly adjust team size and allocate additional resources based on project requirements, enabling agile and efficient response to development demands.


Development agility

Nearshore software development teams are often familiar with agile software development methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban. This enables agile planning and execution of the mobile app development project, facilitating the delivery of incremental releases and rapid development iterations.


nearshore software development services


Costs reduction

Hiring nearshore software development services can result in lower costs compared to developing in-house or hiring services at local locations. Labor costs can be more competitive in certain nearshore countries, allowing companies to save on development costs without compromising the quality of work.


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