5 global companies that have improved performance with Vue.js

May 18, 2023

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Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create user interfaces quickly and easily. Vue.js is based on the view-model pattern, which links the presentation layer to the business layer using a declarative template syntax.


“Vue is a framework and ecosystem that covers most of the common features needed in frontend development. But the web is extremely diverse: the things we build on the web can vary dramatically in shape and scale. With that in mind, Vue is designed to be flexible and to be adopted incrementally", they explained on their website.


Vue.js has had a positive impact on the performance and growth of companies that have adopted it, enabling them to build modern, interactive, and scalable user interfaces with less code and complexity. These companies have taken advantage of Vue.js, such as its performance, its modularity, its reactivity, and its ecosystem of complementary tools and libraries.



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Features that make Vue.js attractive


Learning curve and ease of use

With a clear and intuitive syntax, developers can start building applications with Vue.js quickly, speeding up development cycles and reducing costs. This has allowed companies to implement projects faster and respond more quickly to market needs.

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On its website, Vue.js notes that there is a lot of documentation available to get beginners started with this framework, and that the growth in use of this technology is very rapid. For veteran developers, you can choose the optimal way to leverage Vue based on the problems you're trying to solve while maintaining the same productivity.


"That's why we call Vue "The Progressive Framework": it's a framework that can grow with you and adapt to your needs", adds Vue.js in its documentation.


Highly interactive and attractive user interfaces

Its component-based approach allows developers to build modular and reusable applications, making it easy to create sophisticated and custom interfaces. This has improved the end-user experience and increased user retention on the apps, which translates into higher customer engagement and satisfaction.


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Efficiency and performance of Vue.js

These characteristics have also had a positive impact on the performance and growth of companies. Vue.js uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) architecture that optimizes user interface updates, resulting in faster application speed and performance. This has allowed companies to build faster and more scalable web applications, which in turn has improved operational efficiency and the ability to handle ever-increasing workloads. Read our article about the skills that a VueJS developer must have.


Vue.js is a framework for building user interface components declaratively and efficiently. It is also very easy to integrate with other frameworks, such as React. If you have a Vue component that needs to sync up with the backend in some way, you can use Vuex to easily store and retrieve data. VueJS provides a declarative and intuitive way to create complex user interfaces. It is easy to use and scales well for large applications with thousands of users”, they explained in a LinkedIn article.


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Vue.js facilitates collaboration between development teams

Its clear and modular structure promotes better code organization and facilitates collaboration between developers, which has improved the efficiency and quality of software development. In addition, the active Vue.js community and its ecosystem of tools and libraries have provided companies with access to valuable resources and technical support, contributing to their successful implementation of projects.


Companies that have used Vue.js and how it has helped their performance



Xiaomi, a leading technology company, uses Vue.js on its official website and in several of its applications. Vue.js has enabled Xiaomi to create responsive and interactive user interfaces, improving the customer experience when browsing and purchasing products online. The efficiency and performance of Vue.js have contributed to an increase in conversions and a growth in Xiaomi's online sales.

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As one of the giants of e-commerce, Alibaba uses Vue.js in its platform to improve the shopping experience for its users. Vue.js has enabled Alibaba to develop a fast and highly interactive user interface, making it easy to find products, browse categories and complete transactions. This has improved customer satisfaction and fueled Alibaba's continued growth in the e-commerce market.

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Trivago, a hotel search platform, uses Vue.js to develop its website, providing users with a fast and personalized search experience. Vue.js' ability to efficiently manage user interface changes has enabled Trivago to offer a wide range of search options and filters in real time, improving the user experience and increasing the number of bookings made through through your platform.

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The famous video game company uses Vue.js on its website and some of its related applications. Vue.js has enabled Nintendo to deliver a seamless and immersive user experience to gamers, enhancing interaction with the company's products and services. Vue.js' ability to manage UI components has been instrumental in delivering a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience.

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Adobe, a leading creative and design software company, uses Vue.js in some of its web applications. Vue.js has enabled Adobe to develop fast and responsive user interfaces, improving the user experience when editing and creating content. The modularity and reuse of components in Vue.js has made it easier to develop custom features and streamlined user workflows, contributing to the efficiency and performance of Adobe applications.

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These examples demonstrate how Vue.js has been used by various companies to improve the customer experience, increase conversions, streamline workflows, and stay competitive in the marketplace.


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that offers competitive advantages for the development of modern and scalable web applications. Vue.js makes it easy to create reactive and dynamic user interfaces, taking advantage of concepts like components, directives, transitions, and reactivity.


In addition, Vue.js is easily integrated with other libraries and tools, allowing it to be adapted to the needs and preferences of each project. For these reasons, Vue.js has become a popular choice among today's companies looking to innovate and optimize their web solutions.


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