5 reasons why you should create your website with Drupal

June 18, 2021

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When building a web page, developers must decide which CMS or Content Management System will use as a platform to create their online page.


Among the most popular web Panama solutions, is Drupal, the most famous content management system after Wordpress, and the most secure against cyber attacks currently on the market.


As a software development company, and as an active part of the Panama drupal community, this is not the first time we have talked about Drupal. In fact, we recommend you read our previous blog, here, so that you have a best idea about what this CMS is about.


However, today we will leave the technical side, and we will talk about why you, as part of a company, or business owner, should choose Drupal as your CMS, and the benefits this can bring.


1: It is the safest content management system in the world


Although the battle between Wordpress and Drupal has always existed, the truth is that Drupal, like CMS, leaves Wordpress behind, especially when it comes to online security.


According to a report made by Sucuri in 2017, 83% of the platforms hacked during that year were developed in Wordpress, making it the most insecure CMS.


When it comes to Panama web solutions, it is necessary to look for an option that is safe, and that can protect your site against cyber attacks, and that option is Drupal.


2: It is supported by a community of developers


For people who are not familiar with panama web development, it can be difficult to understand the importance of an open source CMS, and what this means, especially when it is not you, as such, who will develop this project.


Veil like this: Drupal is an open source content management system, which means that any developer can contribute to the drupal code and improve it, improving the experience for everyone.


Although today there is a misconception about open source systems, drupal has an active community of developers, a robust code and a strong structure that makes it one of the best CMS currently on the market.


The fact that Drupal maintains an open source means that there is a community of expert developers constantly working to improve, correct or add content to this software.


Think about it like this: Open source allows improvements to be constant, as well as the growth and innovation of this software, which represents an automatic advantage for you as a user.


3: It offers you a customized solution


The reason why many people still prefer Wordpress is because it is easy to install. Anyone can have their own blog / website in Wordpress in a matter of minutes.


While it is true that to create a web page in Drupal you need to have more knowledge, the effort is worth it. You see, Drupal is a CMS made by developers for developers.


This means that, although more knowledge is needed to create a web platform in Drupal, it offers a customized solution that will allow you to obtain the page you want, with a unique design and interface.


Keep in mind that only between the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions there are 13,000 modules through which you can add, edit or manage different functions on your website.


4: It's flexible


One of the best things about Drupal Panama is its flexibility, and not only with respect to the design of a web page, but to everything that goes behind it, that is, the part that only the administrator sees.


Undoubtedly, Drupal is the preferred content management system of panama web solutions because it is simple to configure, manage permissions, modules.


Keep in mind that the flexibility of Drupal is, in turn, what allows developers to create a unique web solution for your business. Without this flexibility, it would not be possible.


5: It is compatible with SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the ability to optimize your website to be recognized by Google, and therefore, located at the top of search results.


SEO is extremely important for any company / business / company that seeks to create an online presence, and it is even more important that the CMS that you are implementing is adapted to the current needs of SEO.


That said, Drupal has several modules and functions that allow you to work (and increase) your SEO, helping your website to be recognized by the Google algorithm.


If you're still not sure which types of panama web solutions are right for you, let us help you! Here at Rootstack we are experts in Drupal, we can help you get the web solution that suits your needs, Contact us!


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