Software development services that a technology partner can offer

August 05, 2022

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Software development is a priority for companies in 2022, whatever industry they belong to. Having a presence on the internet is vital for any company, to be able to offer its products and services to customers and users directly. To achieve an effective and functional website, you need to have a technology partner.


A technology partner is a company or agency that offers website construction services, mobile application creation and technical personnel to manage software or hardware platforms to companies that need a new web presence or improve the platforms and tools they already have. available.


Dedicated Software Development


Within the software development process, we can also count on a team that is one hundred percent dedicated to the company's project, this practice is known as Dedicated Software Development.


At Ncube they say "It refers to a model where a virtual team is intertwined with a client's software project, working from the vendor's office. Typically, the vendor assembles a dedicated development team from scratch and tailors it." to the client's project.


dedicated software development


Keys to hiring the right technology partner


When making the decision to find a technology partner to help the company on its new journey to the modern web, it is key to have someone who is a good communicator, who can thoroughly understand the company's needs, and who also communicates at all times the steps of the project as they are taking place.


Also, take into account the experience of the software agency to be hired, see the projects they have carried out in the past and the rate of clients satisfied with their work. Always keep in mind that knowledge is not the same as experience, so the balance should be slightly tilted towards an agency with a past, with a track record of consolidated projects with international clients.


The latter directly affects the price and cost of the services of the agency that you decide to hire. It should be analyzed if the total cost for the project is valid and justified compared to what they offer: knowledge, experience, equipment, maintenance and future updates. A complete software agency makes all these services available to the client, thus ensuring a satisfactory final product.


A key aspect that should not be overlooked is the attitude of the software agency, noticing from the first moment that they are focused on the success of the project and comply one hundred percent with the client's demands, always trying to improve the design details with your technical knowledge.


What services does a technology partner offer for Dedicated Software Development?


Website construction


An essential service of every technology partner is the design and subsequent construction of functional and personalized websites according to the client's requirements. There are many different types of websites, depending on their main purpose. You can work with landing pages to increase traffic, and conversion rates, and draw attention to a particular topic, event, or piece of information.


technology partner


Asset management and technology consulting


IT asset management (ITAM) is a business practice used for the proper management of valuable assets within a company, such as hardware, software, and network devices or outside it. It is contained within a complete inventory with essential information such as warranty periods, performance status, location, and much more. IT asset management solutions provide a way to organize and visualize valuable information that is then used to make decisions about asset purchases and redeployment.


ERP solutions


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning in Spanish and refers to the software that manages daily business activities. Integrate supply chain, services, purchasing, accounting, human resources, and financial processes into a single system to unify business operations. It has different planning applications that are integrated and share a database. Each of its modules focuses on a particular business area and can be structured based on your specific industry and needs.


Mobile apps


Mobile applications have become the reference tool in everyone's life. From banking to fitness, communication, and entertainment, everything can be done through a mobile application. So why not integrate this tool into more "intricate" business areas? For example, by implementing a mobile app-based service desk, technicians can serve customer needs faster than ever, improving the customer experience. Or with an application to automate processes, communication between clients and users can be optimized.


dedicated software development



Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team


The main thing is the economic benefits. Having a single developer hired by the company could mean a salary of up to 200 thousand dollars a month, which would be multiplied by being a team. Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team will mean that the expenses involved in having the team will be borne by the provider, with the company, the client in this case, paying only the service fee.


Other benefits are:


  • A dedicated team model is best when you need to speed up the project to meet schedule requirements.
  • Get a jump in time to market. Speed ​​is another benefit associated with a dedicated development team, as you don't need to distract your internal team from the main project to handle your side project.


In addition to this, having immediate access to experienced developers on the project to work on is tremendously valuable. The company does not have to go through the process of recruiting, interviewing, and possibly training, wasting time and even money on a person who may not be qualified for the position.


These are the main services or solutions that a technology partner must offer to be effective. At Rootstack we have a team of software engineers prepared to serve any client, regional or international, and successfully carry out all their projects.


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