Develop app for iPhone: tips to keep in mind to create it

July 13, 2022

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An iPhone is more than a cell phone: you can use it to simply send messages and make calls, to turn it into a full workstation, writing articles and doing live broadcasts, for example. All this versatility is thanks to the quality of the applications that exist for the iPhone and its operating system, iOS.


In the first quarter of 2022 alone, the number of mobile applications available in the Apple App Store amounted to 2.11 million, according to data from Statista, which represents a 5% increase in the number of mobile apps compared to the quarter prior to 2021.


“With 5G technology rolling out around the world and the COVID-19 pandemic reshaping the way we view mobile communication; Mobile Internet is in a state of maximum growth. Developers are responding to changing technology demands and the rate of mobile consumption has reached unprecedented levels," the statistics firm added in another article.


Until February 2022, Statista figures indicate that the most downloaded mobile application on iPhone was TikTok, the second was Tinder and the third was Honor of Kings. In the list you will also find other video games such as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Roblox, as well as the Disney + streaming app.




Why develop a mobile application for iPhone?


We have just given you a general balance of the mobile application market and how iPhone applications are positioned among the most downloaded in the market. And now we will talk about other reasons why your company should develop an iPhone application today.


One of the features that keeps iPhone users captivated is the unmatched performance it offers as well as the constant innovation in both hardware and software. In fact, for these reasons many users have left Android to join Apple.


“iPhone apps are known to be high-quality and revenue-generating. Start-ups and established brands alike are investing in iPhone app development to meet their business needs and get a quick return on their investment", they added about it in an Appinventiv article.


In addition, the business security offered by iPhone applications is unbreakable: they have integrated data processing systems, they apply measures to avoid data duplication and they also have measures against the loss of security due to data encryption.




First steps to develop an application for iPhone


Define the iPhone application you want to develop and why


“This stage is essential as it will dictate what you need to do during all other parts of the iPhone app development process. Once you know what your app is for, you can be sure that all the features you add will propel you towards this goal. To define why you want your own app, think about which of your business goals it will help you achieve. The key is to be specific,” they explained in an AppInstitute article.


Do competitor research 


Now that you are clear about what application you want to develop and what the objective of it will be, you can start doing research on the competition to see how they are doing their applications, take note of market trends and see some features that you can take advantage of yourself. in your company's app. Seeing the competition will help you expand your business horizons.




Plan what your iPhone app will have


It's time to plan how you want your iPhone app to be. What will be its characteristics, its functionalities, what can you do as a company in the app and how will users use it, what will they find when they log in.


Among the most important aspects are how users will log in, how the app will link to the existing store, how you will display your products in the app and what will be the most effective payment gateway for your business.


In addition, you must think graphically how you want the application interface to look like, how the main and secondary functions will appear, how you will distribute the navigation bar, what are the elements that will appear in the menu, among other details.


Development / Testing / iPhone App Release


After covering the previous stages, it was time to move on to production, to the development of this iPhone application. At the end of the development, the most opportune thing is that you apply the corresponding tests to guarantee its correct operation and then, you must start the process to upload the application to the Apple App Store, that they accept it and finally it is available for download.




Basic requirements to develop an iPhone application


  • You must have a Mac computer with an Intel processor running on the latest version of Mac OS, reviewed the portal Space O Technologies
  • You must have an Apple application developer account, rest assured that this registration is free.
  • The next step is to install Xcode. "After a successful registration, you will have permission to download Xcode and access the iOS SDK and development videos along with technical resources", they detailed.


“The only tool you need initially to develop iOS apps is Xcode. Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS and Mac apps. When you start building your apps, you'll use the Xcode graphical interface for seamless iOS programming", explained in the same Space O Technologies article.


In Xcode, developers will be able to find iOS frameworks, compilers, tools, and SDKs, all of which are necessary tools for user interface design, software development, and debugging purposes.


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