Digital Culture and Insurance Apps

June 18, 2021

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Mobile applications have become one of the projects to be developed in recent yearsInsurance companies have taken advantage of these apps to obtain a new communication channel with their customers. It is more than clear that this is the option to carry out in an easysafe and fast way the most important procedures related to an insurance policy.


These technologies allow having at hand the necessary information for when an emergency occurs. In addition, users manage their insurance independently, that is, without the intervention of an insurance agent or the payment of extra money; and at the place and time they wish.


Despite the benefits of these tools, insurance company apps are not very popular among policyholders. Therefore, it is important to work on the digital culture of the company and its customers.


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Digital Culture and Insurance Apps 


To begin with, insurance companies must develop a digital strategy that guides them through the process while keeping them focused on their business objectives. This strategy should begin with a digital maturity assessment, with the goal of mapping opportunities within the company, and may include plans for the digitization of internal processes and transactional systems, as well as covering rules and regulations for information aggregation and use.


The best digital strategies take into account the many ways in which technological innovation can improve the client's purchasing process, and also encompass the cultural changes that are necessary within the organization: each stage of the client's decision-making process can be improved by the correct use of Insurtech, but this can only happen with the right business culture.


While there are some independent Insurtech solutions on the market, insurers must focus on promoting a digital culture that extends throughout the company. It starts by building a solid digital strategy and a motivated team of digital promoters that can convince stakeholders and decision makers to take the right action. Once the first pilots have been successfully implemented, use that data to expand the digital focus into more areas of the company. This approach will eventually lead to greater acceptance throughout the company and a cultural change that supports future innovation.


Data and how to leverage it


Once you have a well forged digital culture, you should take advantage of this to take data from your customers and use it to improve both products and services. The data that mobile apps bring to you can help them change things like:


  • User interface
  • Know what interests the user has
  • Which sections you should improve on


The most important will be the promotions, where you can take advantage to bombard, literally, your users to acquire a service or product to which they had not been hired but if they had been interested, from there start a quality Omnicanal strategy to win a new customer.


The possibilities of mobile apps are almost infinite, thanks to the benefits they provide over time. If you are looking for an ally to start a mobile app development project, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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