Documentation: what should the technology partner have

September 17, 2021

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The documentation of the technology partner is one of the fundamental aspects that we recommend analyzing before signing a definitive contract. It is important to evaluate how much this partner has documented all his processes, his way of executing projects or if he has an action plan at the time of a contingency with his clients.


Believe us, you don't want to find out in the middle of the project that your partner works improvised, without structure and without always having a backup defined in case things don't go as expected.


Importance of the partner having documentation of its processes


According to our experience, these are the aspects that a technology partner must have documented:

Development process


Having documentation on this is essential since it is a sign that the partner works in an organized and systematic way, following a set of steps and procedures established to offer an efficient service to its clients.



Procedures manual for contingencies


Forget about partners who work improvised. It is necessary for the partner to have documentation or a manual that establishes the procedures to follow at the time of a contingency or an unexpected situation in the project. For example, if the client's website is hacked, the partner should not panic but rather propose solutions, an action plan to mitigate the damage and solve the problem.

Technology usage standards


There are hundreds, thousands of tools and technologies, as well as countless developers using them. Everyone uses it differently, depending on their style and the needs of their projects. But when evaluating a partner, make sure they have documentation on their work standards with the technology they are offering you. By having this documented, you are ensuring the quality and efficiency of your work.



Project file


Another way in which a partner can guarantee the quality of a project is by asking if they have some kind of file system. A good practice in a partner is to have a system that allows documenting each and every one of the data handled in each project, such as the technology being used, the infrastructure, the folders with the data, among other aspects. In this way, if more developers join the project, the partner will have all the information necessary to work on hand.

The most important question you should ask as a client is: What strategies does the partner have to make its processes more efficient? Since, by being more efficient in the execution of a project, development time decreases and at the same time, costs decrease, being more profitable for you as a client.



And never get carried away by low prices. Let's talk hypothetically, if you come across a partner who charges $ 100 an hour versus another partner who charges you $ 25, which one would you choose? The lowest cost one, probably does not have its processes documented, having a problematic execution of its projects, which in the end will make you spend much more than with the $ 100 provider, which surely has its development procedures well defined.


At Rootstack, we want to guide you in the search for the best technology partner for your company. In our more than 10 years of experience, we have lived through many situations that have taught us the best practices in this industry. Contact us and we will help you in your technological transformation!


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