Drupal: we explain everything you need to know about this CMS

July 25, 2022

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Drupal has evolved to become one of the most widely used Content Management Systems, being used by large corporations and government agencies such as NASA. It's an open-source platform, so anyone with the necessary development skills can actively update it, providing a better experience for everyone.


Drupal CMS is modular, multipurpose, and customizable, which can be used to publish files, images, and articles and to create and manage a lot of content such as polls, and forums, among many others. The possibilities are endless.


Drupal has a wide range of tools with many different purposes. It covers all the needs a user has when it comes to creating web pages and is highly optimized to help your site skyrocket in popularity, following all the SEO rules, and effectively increasing your website's search rates. By consulting with a Drupal development company, you will have all the tools at hand to enhance your website.


What makes Drupal different from other CMS?


Drupal is highly flexible and although its user requires some web development skills to take full advantage of its features, it allows its users to not have to start from scratch. Fortunately, there is a lot of documentation on the Internet that helps Drupal developers create the most functional and customizable platforms.




The user can choose from its more than forty-five thousand available modules and thousands of free Drupal themes. Given the wide repertoire of tools that Drupal offers, it can be used to build complex websites that handle large volumes of data and very heavy traffic with ease. 


Drupal provides its users with Security, being the most secure CMS in the world at that time. Compared to other CMS, Drupal CMS is significantly less vulnerable to cyber attacks in general, making it a great option if you need peace of mind for your business. There is less room for error in terms of security when using Drupal.


Using Roles with Drupal CMS: Increased Security


Upon the first installation, data such as the password is encrypted (SHA512 function set) and stored in the database, making it basically impossible to hack. Other data can also be encrypted using Drupal's functionality, protecting the sensitive information of users using the platform. Drupal, through the use of roles, allows the user to define the necessary permissions and access depending on the needs of the moment.




Drupal CMS integrates many of the best features of PHP, the language in which it is developed. The use of this and other programming languages allow interaction with other applications. The use of Drupal guarantees to maintain a relationship with the code of the site, since it eliminates the dependencies with the company. Another advantage that the use of Drupal has over the pure use of PHP is its high capacity for evolution, allowing the functions of the page to be changed without much problem, quickly and efficiently.


By having a Drupal development company as an ally, the entire process of developing and creating websites will be much faster.


Responsive websites with Drupal CMS


In our modern age, many users browse the web using mobile devices. It is important for a website to be able to adapt to these devices to offer a better user experience. Drupal can be used for responsive web design, which means that the content of the page can easily change depending on the device being used, creating a nice and attractive website for all its users.




Drupal's core enables innovation, scalability, efficiency, and uniqueness. As a platform, Drupal truly is the future of CMS, and it's built to create great experiences. The opportunities a user has in today's world are endless, and users often find that Drupal can do things that no other CMS has done before, helping businesses grow faster in the market without being overwhelmed by the introduction of innovative ideas, and reducing the workload for the company's developers.


With Drupal, you can create any experience you want, in any language you need. It's a great foundation for web content management and digital experience management, allowing the best of technology to be integrated into your website. Find the best Drupal developers with us!


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