Flow evolution of CRM integrations

June 18, 2021

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Business Challenge of a CRM


The objective of the integrations in any CRM is to facilitate the interaction with any software to import, export, or share relevant information and save manual steps and automate them in a platform in a simple way.




The integration between CRM and other platforms has meant that Rootstack has been able to focus on customer value activities and create transformation proposals that demonstrate rapid time to value while delivering improved productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day operations.




It was a significant percentage of shorter response times in even affecting the traditional sales cycle and automating it to a fully digital sales cycle which is reflected in faster revenue growth, doubling the market reach, and allowing reallocation of work to your sales and marketing team.


History of the Business Challenge


The computer service provider Rootstack hits well above its weight. In the ten years since its foundation, the company has gained a precious market position, expanding on our continent and having an impressive list of clients.


During Rootstack's lifetime, the way in which companies acquire software has changed dramatically. Previously, companies turned to Rootstack for guidance on the platforms and capabilities of what was immediately available to the company to solve the challenges it faced. Businesses, as opposed to IT, have regained control and are now able to reduce their dependence on IT. CRM integrations allow the business to focus on solving the real challenges it faces. It facilitates the initial contact with your sales team by allowing your campaigns and contacts to know the value of the software quickly.


Rootstack is now able to significantly reduce the time to create value for its customers and ultimately make it easier for customers to say "Yes".


History of the transformation


Rootstack has transformed its business using integrations with third-party software. Where he quickly recognized the importance of these customer-focused integrations and launched a wide range of campaigns built around the digital consumption of his products and services. By adopting these cloud integration techniques, Rootstack has been able to align itself with the way the market wants to buy.


Because cloud offerings allow customers to avoid the cost and effort of supporting new infrastructure to support new software, Rootstack has lowered the entry barrier for its solutions and can demonstrate a faster time to value. The shift from a large capital outlay to a small monthly fee - and the ability to move beyond day-to-day management - create a compelling value proposition for customers, making it easier for them to invest.


It must be recognized that integration flows and the use of cloud software are a trend that has been going on for about 5 years in large companies or corporations because of the importance of reducing processes and automating their operations, which can be a great saving in terms of time and cost of maintenance and support on the technology infrastructure.


For customers operating in highly regulated industries, we often design hybrid solutions in the cloud, allowing them to keep some data on-site for compliance purposes. For whatever system and data our customers choose to put in the cloud, Rootstack offers excellent security and value for money.


Rootstack also leverages in-house integration flow solutions to support its own business.


We are relatively modest in size, employing around 45 people. To outperform our team, we need our staff to focus on our core business issues and driving innovation, rather than worrying about maintaining other software manually. Integration flows are the most efficient way to run our business.


History of results


Bringing software into a flow of integrations has become a real challenge, but it has turned out to be the most challenging way to bring it into the era of transformation and provide even better customer service. By developing more compelling value propositions for customers, while being a trusted partner and providing faster time to value, you have shortened your customers' buying cycles by about 50 percent, allowing everyone to get on with the real work of driving value for the customer's business. The cloud approach is a success with customers, and business is booming.


Take the next step... For more information on CRM integration flow, contact your sales representative, or visit the following website: https://www.rootstack.com/es/contacto In addition, Rootstack provides numerous product and service options to help you acquire the technology you need to grow your business. For more information, please visit: https://www.rootstack.com/es


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