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June 18, 2021


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When you put together Panama, India and Croatia, what do all of these countries have in common? What is the one thing that ties them up? Well, believe it or not, is software development outsourcing. As the outsourcing market keeps growing and evolving, more and more countries are coming up with new companies that are entirely dedicated to nearshore software development and offshore software outsourcing. However, amongst all the many different countries, there are three that always steal the spotlight when it comes to software development outsourcing, and those are Panama, India and Croatia. ##What makes a country a great outsourcing destination There are certain points that you should always, always, take into consideration whenever you are looking for IT outsourcing services, and those are: One, the language or ability to speak and communicate in English; Two, the talent pool of the country itself, and Three, overall presence of software companies. When you combine these three aspects, is not surprise that Panama and India come as the top options when it comes to software development outsourcing, specially when it comes to nearshore software development (Panama) and Offshore software outsourcing (India). However, Croatia has earned their spot on this list, since they have began to rise as a serious competitor that meets all the previous points made above, making themselves a great option when it comes to looking for IT outsourcing services overseas. Now, like we said, each of these countries are great outsourcing destinations and many benefits to bring to those companies looking for a software development outsourcing partner, but let’s take a close look at each country, shall we? ##Panama Panama is located in Central America, a region that is extremely popular when it comes to nearshore software development, specially for enterprises and companies based on the US and Canada. This small country has many palpable benefits that are right there for anyone to see: First, almost everyone in Panama with a medium or high education knows how to speak english and communicate effectively in a business lingo. Two, Panama is packed with small, big and medium companies that expertise of software development outsourcing, and Three, Panama is a strong technological country, meaning the nearshore companies located there have the resources to fulfill your necessities. On another note, looking for nearshore software development companies in Panama is a great idea for countries nearby since they won’t have to deal with any language barrier or difficult time zones, making Panama a great option for anyone looking for software development outsourcing partners. ##India India is the big, strong competitor when it comes to anything related to IT outsourcing services, and they have been for quite a while now, mostly due to their very low price and huge competition range. You see, offshore software outsourcing in India is typically a good option since there are SO many different offshore companies available, there are a lot of options to choose from. Not only that, but prices are significantly lower and technical level surprisingly higher, which makes it possible for companies all around the world to hire a team of software engineers to develop a solution for them for a very reasonable price. Of course, India does have its downs, but regardless of that, denying how impressive their software development outsourcing market is, will be just lying. ##Croatia Last, but definitely not least, Croatia is the biggest surprise on this list. This small country is mostly famous for their incredible natural locations, however, they are starting to be recognized in the software development outsourcing world. Croatia has the three key factors every nearshore or offshore software outsourcing country should have: They have a great talent pool, with more and more software development companies of great expertise being located there; they can communicate and handle english almost perfectly, and last, but not least, a commitment to improve their technological resources, something that is even backed up by the Croatian government itself. Croatia is small yes, but it is a country that is actually investing on increasing their development investment, have a lot of software development outsourcing companies that can provide excellent web and mobile applications, and have the qualified people to do so. Without a doubt, these three countries have A LOT to offer to the world when it comes to software development outsourcing, and we can’t wait to see these three nations keep on growing and evolving.