How to Sell on Shopify: Step-by-Step Guide

December 09, 2022

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The key to Shopify is the ease with which literally anyone, startup, or company can create their e-commerce. That is the idea: that, in a short time, the virtual store is ready and available to potential customers.


Table of Contents

  • But how to sell on Shopify?
  • Steps to create an online store in Shopify
  • How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?


But how to sell on Shopify?


It is the question that most businesses ask before taking the step towards e-commerce. Not knowing the steps to follow generates uncertainty for them and, in this article, we are going to make the whole path quite clear for you so that you can start your online store with confidence.


Before moving on to creating the Shopify account itself, follow these steps to set up your e-commerce project:


Define your idea


Be clear about what you want to sell in your e-commerce and the target audience you want to reach. Brainstorm until your project idea is defined.




Create the store name, logo and domain


If you already have a physical store, the name part will be easier. If this is not your case, then look for a name that is short, easy to remember, and pronounce, so that it attracts the attention of more potential customers. This same name can be the domain. As for the logo, it must represent 100% of your product and can be associated with the brand name.


Quality photos


Before creating e-commerce on Shopify, make sure you have a stock of good-quality photos of your products, with a white background, so that customers can fully appreciate what you're selling. You will use these photos when creating the products in the virtual store.




Steps to create an online store in Shopify


1. Create a Shopify account


You only have to enter an email, password, and the name that your store will have. Then, the page will ask you for information such as if you are already selling or if you are creating the account to familiarize yourself, in which industries you operate or how many branches you have. You can always skip this step and move on.

Then Shopify will request your personal information and address in order to process your payments. By completing these steps, the control panel of your e-commerce is displayed, where you can customize the theme, add the domain, add the products and install apps.




2. Domain purchase


By default, Shopify assigns a domain xxxx.shopify.com to your online store. But it probably doesn't rank very well in search engines, so it's best to buy your own domain using your brand name.


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3. Select sales channels


Your main sales channel will be the virtual store in Shopify, but you can also select the option to sell from a web page or blog, also from social networks, a marketplace, or even in person.




4. Create the essential pages of your e-commerce in Shopify


After creating the store, start creating your product categories, add products, as well as create About, Contact and FAQ pages. All this will help the user to know who you are and have confidence in your store.


5. Customize your virtual store


In this step, you can configure the virtual store completely to your liking. Select the theme that best suits your brand, customize the colors and functionalities; You will also be able to edit the store header, home page, menu and footer of the site.




6. Set up payment processing


The most common is to accept credit card payments, so you can start by accepting this payment method. Shopify also offers the Shop Pay digital wallet, which streamlines checkouts and increases your customer conversion rate.


7. Choose the shipping method


You can only work with domestic shipments, evaluating the available courier services, as well as their packaging conditions and the areas they cover for shipments. For international shipments, in addition, you must study the rules and regulations of that country to determine if there are any limitations for the shipment of your type of product.




8. Invest in SEO


Since the world of online commerce is so competitive, it is convenient to invest in SEO since it will considerably improve the positioning of your virtual store in search engines such as Google. To gain positions, you can also partner with influencers who promote your brand and run paid advertising campaigns.




How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?


There are different plans:


Shopify Basic costs $29 per month and is aimed at small businesses and start-ups.


The Shopify plan costs $79 USD per month and has a number of extra features than the basic plan.


Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month and is aimed at large, growing businesses that need more advanced functionality.


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