IT outsourcing company or Delivery Teams: What is the best service?

June 01, 2023

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it outsourcing


In recent years, companies have gained valuable support in outsourcing software development jobs and processes. This strategy allows them to streamline projects and keep up with current market demands.


Software development outsourcing gives companies the flexibility to quickly adapt to change by acquiring specialized talent and additional resources as needed. Two of the most sought after outsourcing approaches in the market are delivery teams and IT outsourcing services.


Both, in their own ways, help companies speed time to market for products and services while allowing them to focus on core competencies, freeing up internal resources for tasks of higher strategic value.


Which of these two services is better to hire? This is a common question when seeking support for software development, and here we explain what each service consists of and the ideal environment to use them.


it outsourcing

When is it convenient to contract the IT outsourcing service?

IT outsourcing consists of contracting technology services to specialized external service providers. This model allows companies to take advantage of specialized knowledge, reduce costs, focus on the core business and adapt to changing market demands.


In these contexts, it is advisable to hire an IT outsourcing service:


Shortage of internal resources

If your company is facing a shortage of internal talent in key areas of information technology, IT outsourcing can be an effective solution. You can contract with third-party vendors with the experience and knowledge to fill these skill gaps and ensure project continuity.

it outsourcing

Costs control

IT outsourcing helps control costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining internal employees. You can choose to outsource certain IT functions and only pay for the services you use, giving you greater financial flexibility rather than investing in long-term hiring and training.


Focus on core business

IT outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business. By freeing up resources and time spent managing IT infrastructure and services, you can focus on core business development, innovation, and business strategy.

it outsourcing

Access to specialized knowledge

IT outsourcing providers usually have highly trained professionals who specialize in various technical areas. By choosing IT outsourcing services, you can benefit from their latest experience and knowledge without investing in in-house training in specific areas.


Flexibility and scalability

IT outsourcing provides the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your business. You can easily customize contract services, add or remove resources as needed. This scalability allows you to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs. Read more about: How can an IT Outsourcing company help your business? 

it outsourcing

Innovation and adoption of new technologies

IT outsourcing providers are usually aware of the latest trends and new technologies. By working with them, you can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by accessing innovative solutions and implementing new technologies faster and more efficiently.


When is it better to hire a Delivery Team?

A delivery team is a group of professionals responsible for the execution and delivery of a project or solution within an organization. This team consists of different roles and specialties that work together to ensure the successful completion of a project.


The main objective of the delivery team is to ensure that the product or service is delivered according to the specified requirements, within the agreed timeframe and within the allocated budget. The team is responsible for coordinating and managing all activities necessary to successfully complete the project, including planning, tracking, troubleshooting, and communicating with relevant stakeholders.

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Moments in which a delivery team is necessary:


In long-term projects

If your company has a long-term software project that requires a dedicated and committed team, hiring a delivery team may be a good option. This team gives you more control and ensures closer, ongoing collaboration throughout the project.


Need for business knowledge

If your software projects are closely related to your company's domain or industry, it can be helpful to have a delivery team. Team members gain a deeper understanding of the business and a better understanding of specific needs and requirements, enabling more personalized and effective solutions.

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Direct communication and collaboration

If face-to-face communication and collaboration are important to you, hiring a delivery team can allow you to interact with team members on a daily basis. This facilitates goal alignment, joint decision-making, and greater flexibility in problem solving.


Control and customization

A delivery team gives you more control over the development of your software projects. You can directly influence planning, task prioritization, and resource allocation. Additionally, you can tailor your team to your specific needs by selecting and hiring professionals that fit your project requirements.

it outsourcing

In-depth knowledge of existing code and systems

If your software project is based on existing systems or code, a delivery team may be more efficient. Team members gain a deeper understanding of existing systems, making software integration and maintenance easier.


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