Why is Mautic a good choice for marketing automation?

November 12, 2021

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mautic email marketing


Let's be honest, marketing departments in companies sometimes feel like slaves to their work. And the situation worsens as the business grows and the responsibilities and tasks to perform multiply. The mailing list to send grows without stopping, the promotion of the company's products becomes more expensive and segmenting customers and contacts, is an impossible mission. In this "horror tale" there is a possibility of salvation: marketing automation through Mautic email marketing platform.


Yes, marketing automation software allows you to streamline all kinds of tasks in marketing departments, freeing the team from routine and repetitive tasks so that they can dedicate themselves to more strategic and core responsibilities of the company. It is better to spend an hour thinking about new sales strategies than to spend that time sending email campaigns manually.


According to a 2019 MarketingProfs report cited by HubSpot, 92% of marketing agencies are investing more and more time, resources, and budget in integrating their work and systems with marketing automation platforms. Overall, 68% of companies already use automation in some way in their workflows.


Why Mautic email marketing platform is a Good Choice for your company?


Mautic is one of the most efficient and flexible marketing automation platforms in the industry as it is open source. Download the program, install it on your servers and that's it. It is because of these features that it has been gaining more popularity in recent years:




- Allows you to host a database of contacts and a database of companies.
- Allows automated action flows and triggers for marketing automation.
- It allows to qualify the Leads.
- Sending intelligent campaigns by e-mail.
- Mautic reports help you to analyze all the data and processes of the team.

- You don't have to worry about Mautic pricing: is an open-source marketing automation software.


The advantage of using this type of marketing automation tool is that it considerably improves the diffusion of the contents of the brand or company, increasing the recognition of the public and prestige. Likewise, it increases the rate of opening emails and CTR, increases the quality of leads, and shortens the sales cycle.


The work of the marketing and sales team with marketing automation software becomes much more efficient and competitive, being able to align strategies and campaigns to further reinforce the actions of each side.


Mautic Features That Benefit Marketing Automation


  • Dashboard


Mautic dashboard is fully customizable with a wide variety of widgets, which show data such as recently created contacts, the most viewed pages, the forms sent and the emails that are in the sending queue, among many other options.



  • Calendar 


This marketing automation platform shows all the campaigns that are active during the month, which allows you to work in a more organized and planned way.


mautic email marketing



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  • Contacts


This is where we have the database of our clients. As Mautic is an open-source marketing automation tool, it allows you to integrate this contact base with your company's CRM. If your company runs a CRM software and they have their contact list there, this list is updated directly to Mautic if this integration is done.


mautic email marketing


To add contacts to Mautic, it can be done in three ways. The first, through integration with the CRM if it exists; the second, you can import Excel lists; and the third, you can always create contacts manually on the same platform.


  • Companies


You can create company profiles, and associate a certain class of contacts registered on the platform.




  • Segments


You can segment your contacts according to your goals. For example, let's say you want to send a campaign promoting a product that is aimed at a certain group of people. But at the same time, you have a list of 5,000 contacts. Obviously, you do not want this campaign to reach all these contacts because only a small sector will be interested.




In this almost, this contact segmentation functionality of this marketing automation software is super useful, since you can group the contacts according to their interests and consumption patterns. This makes your campaigns much more effective because they are aimed at the public that is interested in the topic.


  • Components 


Regarding components, we refer to the assets that can be created or uploaded to the Mautic platform for the elaboration of the emails or templates. You can upload photos, and icons, create email templates and configure emails so that they are aligned with the business objectives and the particular campaign.


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