Mobile application vs web development: What is the best option?

July 07, 2022

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Before starting the implementation of a software solution, companies must be very clear about the needs of their business. Only then will they be successful in this implementation, since the main objective is for the software to cover the requirements of both the business and the customers. This must be taken very seriously when deciding if you want to create a mobile application or want a web development for your business.


Millions of global businesses have a presence on the Internet with their web pages, whether they are company websites or online stores. Web development has reigned for several decades as the number one way to reach users online. But in recent years, mobile apps have gained more and more ground as the use of mobile devices has increased.


In the midst of this context, companies ask themselves: Is it better to create a mobile application or choose web development to create a website? In this article we will clear that doubt.


web development app development


When is it more convenient to create a mobile application for your business?

We can start by talking about statistics: currently, there are 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, according to data shared on the Buildfire portal. And the average American checks their phone no less than 262 times a day, that is, every 5 minutes. In total, 88% of the time people use their phones is browsing between mobile apps. Here you can see the importance of companies having one.


But we want to tell you that this does not apply to all companies or all industries, there are areas in which a mobile application can be more productive and useful than others.


Proof of this is a survey carried out by Localytics, in which they point out that 23% of applications are used only once and then are abandoned or deleted by users. And we don't want the same thing to happen to a mobile app you create for your business.

web development app development


  • Your mobile application will solve a client's problem

If you want to create a mobile application for your business, you must offer extra features that the user can really use to solve a problem or a need, they emphasize in an article in Entrepreneur. It is not about having a mobile application just for the sake of having it, the key for it to be successful is that it is really useful and offers something extra that the website does not have.


For example, imagine that you run an insurance company and, from the mobile application, the client can call a tow truck when they are stranded, no matter where. This greatly facilitates management and generates added value to the service.


  • You want to give quick access to your customers

Users currently value a lot when they can make any transaction or management quickly and easily, since they usually have very hectic days. By offering your products and services from a mobile app, you make it much easier for users to access your brand, which increases the likelihood of purchase.


“An application can make people more aware of your business and make it easier for them to find you and use your products or services”, they added in Entrepreneur.


web development app development


  • You want to strengthen marketing and customer loyalty

“Mobile apps have become a staple of sales and marketing (...) Through apps, you can collect much better data from your customers. You will be able to get more accurate analysis compared to offline transactions. This high-level market research is crucial to optimizing your existing marketing strategies", they said in an article by Digital Fractal.


When is web development the best option for a company?

If the main goal of your business is to reach a wide audience across different platforms (such as desktop, mobile, and tablet), web development is a more convenient option. A well-designed web application can be accessible from any device with a web browser, making it easily available to a variety of users, since in this case a mobile application would only be suitable for use on mobile devices.


web development app development


In these other cases, web development is better than mobile development:


  • Informative content

If your project is primarily focused on providing informational content or basic functionality, such as blogs, news sites, directories, or online tools, web development is an efficient option. This is especially true if you don't require access to specific mobile device features or sensors.


  • Shoestring budget

In general, web development can be cheaper than mobile app development. By using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it is possible to build and maintain a web application without incurring the additional costs associated with native development for multiple mobile platforms.


  • Do you want to make your brand known?

If your business is just starting out and you want to make your brand known, starting with a website is an excellent option to expose your products and services. It is the first step towards consolidating your business.


Through a website, you will be able to acquire and retain users, improve their interaction with your brand and interest them in making frequent purchases through quality content and images. In addition, there are many websites that are responsive and optimized for mobile devices, so in this way you can also have a presence in that modality.


web development app development


  • Upgrades are easy

Changes and updates to a website are easier and simpler to apply. They are less time consuming and less expensive compared to a mobile app.


After all that we have just explained, it is clear that web development is not better or mobile development is better, everything will depend on the particular case of your business and the needs it presents. The best thing will be that you evaluate each solution and choose the one that best suits your context.


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