Mulesoft RPA and its components for automation

February 16, 2023

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Process automation is becoming one of the most used technological solutions in the business world, with multiple tools and platforms to create it, including, as incredible as it may seem, is Mulesoft.


Known as a platform to integrate different web applications and software, Mulesoft also offers its millions of users the possibility of implementing automation systems and bots within the projects in which it is present.


What is RPA?


RPA or Robot Process Automation refers to the use of a business logic technology to help companies automate their business processes. Governed by structure inputs, business logic and AI (Intelligent Automation), this software aims to automate repetitive daily tasks, reduce human labor, optimize business operations, reduce production costs and improve efficiency and productivity levels.





How robotic process automation and API-led connectivity are related


Robotic process automation and APIs are often thought of as competing with each other, but there are times when API platforms, such as Mulesoft, can collaborate with automated processes and provide their own automation components, all resulting in a seamless mechanism. to broaden the integration approach and allow access to more endpoints.


Here are some examples, explained in the official Mulesoft documentation, of when business process automation is not possible for an API approach and RPA is used:


  • A system lacks an API, such as a legacy or on-premises application or a highly customized system for the organization.
  • There is delayed investment or lack of investment in creating an API for an endpoint, where RPA can be used as a stopgap for temporary system access.
  • There are different teams that manage automation and integration.


“Solutions like MuleSoft RPA enable composable business by replacing repetitive tasks with bots that can intelligently process documents, input data, or act on behalf of the user, all without any code. This end-to-end business automation drives innovation and collaboration, streamlines processes, increases efficiency and speed, and enables users to integrate and automate with disconnected legacy systems. With MuleSoft RPA, customers can bring together best-in-class RPA, API management and integration capabilities to become a composable business.”




What can be done with Mulesoft RPA?


This option of the Mulesoft platform allows you to eliminate manual tasks and processes, automating simple and complex processes. Mulesoft RPA is integrated with the Anypoint Platform and Composer, so its automation is intelligent and accomplished end-to-end at scale.


These are the uses that can be given to Mulesoft RPA:


  • Automate data entry and retrieval in legacy and modern applications
  • Extract data from documents, web pages, emails, spreadsheets and more
  • Intelligently recognizes and extracts text from images and screens
  • Organize complex multi-step, multi-system workflows


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