Mulesoft vs TIBCO: Which one to choose?

December 21, 2022

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Over the years, companies are adding systems and more systems to their processes. Until it reaches a point where the flows become very complex, slow and inefficient, finding itself at a crossroads: How to make the processes simpler and faster? The answer lies in application integration.


In the technology industry, there are numerous systems and application integration tools such as Mulesoft and TIBCO BW. They are one of the most demanded and used by businesses, so we will explain their characteristics and benefits.


What is Mulesoft?


Currently, Mulesoft is the leading application integration platform in the market, which allows you to automate and coordinate all your systems and processes, increasing productivity, and efficiency and considerably improving the customer experience.




According to figures from Mulesoft, the integration of applications and systems represents a 64% increase in productivity, as well as 74% savings in operating costs, so it is well worth trying these types of tools.


Mulesoft's main objective is to integrate applications and systems in such a fast and efficient way that directors and administrators of companies have at hand in real time the data they need to continue expanding their business intelligently. With updated data, not with assumptions.


Mulesoft Features


  • Accelerate project integration and delivery.
  • It is a flexible platform that is always ready to adapt to changes.
  • In Mulesoft, it is possible to create APIs and integrations almost at the speed of light, just by dragging and dropping components.
  • It offers pre-built connectors, templates, examples, and APIs created by Mulesoft.
  • Empower developers to save, discover, and reuse their own assets and best practices from a unified catalog.
  • It makes it possible for developers to onboard, serve, and adopt your assets quickly.
  • Connectivity is guaranteed as all cloud connectors are tested and certified for production environments.




Benefits of Mulesoft


  • You will connect the central systems faster.
  • You will reduce security risks, and be more protected against threats.
  • The commitment of your clients will increase since they will be receiving a more immediate and personalized service.
  • It will increase the agility and productivity of your teams.
  • It helps reduce development costs and speeds up the delivery of results.
  • You will get better results from your processes thanks to Mulesoft's API connectivity system.
  • Accelerate the digitization of processes and the adoption of new applications thanks to integration.
  • It allows you to create multi-channel experiences, through an architecture that allows you to easily connect and disconnect applications.




What is the TIBCO software?


TIBCO Business Work is an integration platform focused on helping companies manage their processes smoothly and efficiently, offering a flexible environment that adapts to any kind of context and industry. The objective of this platform is to connect all the systems of a business, integrating sales, marketing, data, customer service, and security, so that nothing escapes you.


In its documentation, TIBCO claims that it tried to build its platform in the most open and user-friendly way possible, so that developers and users have a short learning curve and can innovate faster in their processes.




TIBCO BW Features


  • It has an Eclipse IDE graphical interface, which requires zero code, thanks to which different applications can be connected without the need to design custom interfaces.
  • TIBCO BW offers drag and drop to build applications and integrations.
  • It allows you to develop apps that run natively within containers or cloud platforms.
  • It offers real-time access to data.
  • It makes it possible to move your integrations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.




TIBCO BW Benefits


  • “Accelerate application and data integrations using ready-to-use palettes and a wide range of connectors for enterprise endpoints and data sources,” the company explained in its documentation.
  • It offers tools to design “unit tests that verify your integration processes, automate test case execution with Apache Maven, and generate reports that show test execution details and code coverage.”
  • It simplifies the development of enterprise integrations by putting everything at your fingertips on a single platform.
  • It is a scalable and extensible platform, which adapts to the particular needs of your business.
  • Accelerate your move to the cloud.




Which to choose?


Actually, both platforms offer very similar reliability and functionality, so either one can work for you when integrating and connecting business applications.


At Rootstack, we have experts in Mulesoft and API development, so we can help you with any need you have in this regard. Contact us!


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