How nearshore software development services help create a minimum viable product

June 09, 2023

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nearshore software development services

Many companies decide to create a minimum viable product (MVP) before moving to the final version of their software product, as a way of basic testing their product and seeing user feedback. It allows a company to know the level of interest and acceptance that it may have thanks to pioneering customers, in order to improve the product and launch it to a wider audience. In this task, nearshore software development services are decisive.


A nearshore software development team helps companies create a basic version of a product quickly and in record time, to validate product features and understand how users react. With this feedback, there will be enough data to support the final development of the product and to be able to foresee the greatest possible success.


nearshore software development services

Characteristics of a Minimum Viable Product

The characteristics of a product are the following:

  • It is a reduced version of the final product.
  • It includes only the essential features to meet the needs of customers.
  • It allows the company to validate product assumptions and understand how users react and experience.
  • It is a way to save time and money in the development of the final product.


Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Where to start?

If you don't have a lot of experience, we know that you can feel a little lost when it comes to creating a minimum viable product. Therefore, we will give you the first steps to get started.


Your MVP must be aligned with your business objectives

“Ask yourself what this minimum viable product is going to do. For example, will you attract new users in a market adjacent to the market for your existing products? If that's one of your current business goals, then this MVP plan could be strategically viable. But if your company's current priority is to continue to focus on your core markets, you may want to put that idea aside and focus, perhaps, on an MVP designed to deliver new features to your existing customers", they explained in an article on the Product Plan portal.

nearshore software development servicesIdentify specific problems you want to solve

This minimum viable product can be used to test new features with your end users and see how they react or if your initiatives are successful. For this, it is essential to previously research users, find out what they need and, at the same time, do an analysis of the competition to find out what status they are in in relation to your product. Read more about: Characteristics of a good nearshore software development company


The MVP can guide you towards a more complete development plan

By being clear about the commercial objectives of the business and the functionalities, you can go on to create a development plan for the final product. The goal is to create a product that works, is efficient, and that the company can sell.

nearshore software development servicesIn this way, nearshore software development services help in the creation of a Minimum Viable Product

Nearshore software development services can help build an MVP efficiently by providing access to specialized technical talent. These software providers have teams of developers who are experienced in various technologies like web development, mobile development, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc.


In addition, the cost of contracting nearshore software development services is generally lower than local development opportunities, this is due to differences in labor and operating costs between countries. You can take advantage of them to get high-quality development services at a more competitive price.


Here are other ways in which nearshore software development services can be beneficial for the creation of an MVP:


Flexibility and scalability

Nearshore software development services can adapt to your changing needs as your MVP evolves. They can quickly adjust the size of the development team as needed to meet project deadlines and requirements. This flexibility and scalability allow for agile and efficient development of the MVP.

nearshore software development services

Agile development experience

Nearshore development companies often have experience in agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban. These methodologies allow for an iterative and incremental approach to MVP development, making it easier to adapt as feedback is gained and product adjustments are made. Read more about: How effective is the agile product development?


Effective communication and collaboration

Being located in nearby countries, nearshore software development services do not represent any inconvenience for the development of the minimum viable product, quite the contrary. You can establish fluid communication and collaboration with customers, through chats, emails and video calls. In addition, being in nearby locations, the hours are similar and you can work synchronously, in real time.

nearshore software development services

Knowledge of the target market

A nearshore development company may have expertise in the target market for which the MVP is being developed. They understand the needs and preferences of end users, which allows them to provide recommendations and provide additional ideas to improve the product and its suitability for the market.


Support in validation and testing

One of the most striking aspects of nearshore software development services is that they can assist in MVP validation and testing. They can perform extensive testing to identify and fix problems, ensuring product quality and performance. In addition, they help in the collection and analysis of user feedback to make iterative improvements.


Nearshore software development services offer a combination of specialized talent, competitive costs, flexibility, agile development expertise, effective communication, and target market knowledge to assist in the successful creation of an MVP.


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