Rootstack attended QCon New York 2023: an event together with the leaders of the technological world

June 23, 2023

Tags: Technologies



Rootstack, a frequent at the world's biggest technology conferences, attended QCon New York 2023. International software development teams gathered at QCon New York to connect fresh ideas with present difficulties, obtain clarity on impending technology decisions, and form relationships that will last beyond the conference.


This was an educational event with four simultaneous meeting rooms, around 25 partner sales booths, and several intriguing conferences.



Surprisingly, most of the subjects were not entirely focused on web development; there was also discussion of devops management, application management, architectures, server instances, and application performance management.


There were also various seminars on data management and data submission, and a Netflix staff was present to demonstrate how the streaming portal's structure works. They were funded by a number of major technology businesses, many of which were concerned with debugging and maintaining the software performance environment.




Rootstack applies all the knowledge acquired in QCon for the benefit of our clients


Rootstack makes scalable applications, microservice-oriented applications, as well as large applications as well.


Our company is made up of highly qualified professionals, and we have +10 years of experience building ecosystems of solutions that revolutionize each business and transform it from its essence. We want to promote comprehensive digital transformations that impact the world around us in all industries. We know how to optimize your customer experiences and improve the efficiency of your processes through world-class strategy, consulting and engineering incorporated into our software outsourcing services.


At Rootstack we are passionate about what we do and share a culture of active teamwork and collaboration so we can continually innovate and deliver exceptional results, every time.


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