Why should you learn Red Hat Linux?

May 30, 2022

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Red Hat Linux is one of the most effective cloud computing solutions available today. On their official website, they explain “Red Hat offers hardened open source solutions that make it easy for companies to work across platforms and environments, from the core data center to the network edge. By operating in a transparent and accountable manner, we continue to be a catalyst in open source communities, helping them build powerful and flexible IT infrastructure solutions."


This is one of the most popular cloud computing technologies at the moment, reflecting this in its earnings from 2009 to 2019, according to Statista, Red Hat generated revenues of 3.36 billion US dollars worldwide. The company offers a variety of operating systems, virtualization, management, middleware, cloud, mobile, and storage technologies.


Features and functions of Red Hat Linux


Among the main features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in its most recent version, the following stand out:


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Install apps with a single command
  • Container development tools
  • Open source projects, such as OpenShift, web tools, and databases.
  • Systems and applications with reinforced security.


Among the advantages of using Red Hat is its certification for cloud computing, as they say on their official website "every cloud is unique, so you need a flexible and stable operating system."


Reasons to learn Red Hat


Not only learning to use Red Hat but obtaining a certification in this technology can bring several benefits to the person, as they themselves explain on their website, where they detail the steps to get certified and each of the advantages that those who will obtain decide to follow the course.


They comment, “Red Hat certifications span our entire technology portfolio, providing confidence to individuals and organizations alike. Whether it's enterprise architecture certifications, basic Linux® system administration skills, developer knowledge of specialized frameworks, or emerging technologies like containers and the cloud, Red Hat knows the skills it takes to succeed."


From an economic and business point of view, obtaining a Red Hat certificate increases the level of productivity for developers who obtain and maintain their certification in this cloud computing technology by 24%. Also, according to a DC Infobrief report, “409% higher return on investment over a 3-year period, reflecting the significant incremental value that certified personnel provides.”


In addition to the above, Red Hat explains other reasons why you should obtain a certificate endorsed by them: you will have an application of tests based on your performance, which means that they will validate your knowledge with practical skills that can occur in the real world, instead of pure theory.


Also, they make available to the user a global program "We offer our exams in locations and facilities around the world and there are Red Hat certified professionals in more than 200 countries."


How long does it take to learn Red Hat?


The time it takes to learn Red Hat will depend almost directly on the technical knowledge you have and the effort you put into learning. If you already know how to handle Linux and know everything about this operating system and have the other skills necessary to be a developer or database administrator, then it may only take you days to learn how to use this software.


Learning to handle Red Hat does not immediately guarantee you official certification in this technology, to achieve this you must pass the various tests that they will give you and that could last approximately between two and four months.


If you don't have the prior knowledge, especially if you don't know Linux at all, it is suggested that you first take a course on Linux to learn how to handle it and then specialize in Red Hat and all that this software has to offer.


red hat


Tips for learning Red Hat


If you decide to learn Red Hat on your own, you may want to follow these tips to make your learning quick and effective.


  • Find general information about the software to learn all its features.
  • Focus on one of their areas that interests you most, so you can specialize in that role and be of greater value in the job market.
  • Take courses. Look for courses on Red Hat or similar technologies so that you have more skills.
  • Practice, practice, and practice. You do nothing with knowing all the theory and all the functions that Red Hat has if you do not practice it constantly. Use YouTube and whatever tools you have at hand for help.
  • When you already consider yourself an expert in the software, decide to go for the Red Hat certificate, so you can dedicate yourself to working with this technology and improve your professional career.


At Rootstack, our experts have worked hand-in-hand with Red Hat to create fast and effective solutions to problems presented by our regional and international customers. If you are interested in knowing what we can do for your company, contact us.


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