Roles in agile software development

November 22, 2022

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software development


Agile software development is taking the reins of companies and agencies that are dedicated to the design and creation of mobile applications, websites and technologies. Based on teamwork, it is a development model that focuses on collaboration and creating scalable and functional technologies.


Agile software development has roles marked out for each team participant and these must be fulfilled precisely so that the development and creation of the project is successful and can meet the client's demands.


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  • What is agile software development
  • Roles in agile software development


software development


What is agile software development


Agile software development is one of the most popular development methodologies, especially in the United States. Its basic principles focus on teamwork and flexibility. Focuses on resolving customer pain points by developing an MVP (minimum viable product) early on, frequently getting feedback from end users to gain valuable information that will allow changes to be incorporated before development is too far along. This reduces risk, saving time and money.


software development


Roles in agile software development


An agile software development team is typically comprised of a product owner, team leader, developers, stakeholders, and other members as needed such as UI/UX designer.


Product owner


It is the person who represents the stakeholders in the project: the clients in this case. His responsibility is to supervise and direct the progress of the development of the project. The person in this role must clearly understand the needs of the customers and possess the communication skills to meet with the developer team and explain everything that is needed from the application or website.


Team leader


In this role, the person ensures the coordination of the entire team, maintains fluid communication between all parties and that tasks are carried out within the stipulated times and in an appropriate manner. He is in constant communication with the product owner.


Among his duties are: facilitating daily initiatives, communication between team members, handling administrative tasks, helping team members when a blockage or interference occurs.


Developer team


The members of this team are all individuals who have responsibilities within the design and direct creation of the product, although it is not limited to this. They take responsibility for turning the initial idea into something tangible, at least one person on the team must have knowledge of coding, product design, programming, user interface design, and product testing.


Not all members need to be software engineers, but they can be part of the team if their skills are required to keep the project moving at the required pace.


software development


Other roles that could exist within an agile software development team are a technical specialist depending on the needs of the application or project, an independent auditor who can test the application or project and provide feedback on progress, and an architecture expert to planning and decision making.


At Rootstack, one of our development methodologies is agile, making sure to assemble the best team that suits the needs of our client and may have the application or technological project that you need for your company.


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