Rootstack 2022: our greatest achievements as a company

January 06, 2023

Tags: Technologies



2022 marked a year of growth for Rootstack. The company, with more than 10 years in the technology market, reached a payroll of more than 100 collaborators, distributed in 18 countries worldwide, in addition to continuing to strengthen the trust that our clients have placed in the company.


It has been a year where the company grew both in talent and experience, we began to work with new technologies, which led us to have experts and developers with unique knowledge on the team and who have been of great value both to us and to our clients who have had their services.


In 2022 we returned to face-to-face events


After two years where the entire world was locked up and quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic, the doors were finally opened and social distance controls were significantly reduced, which allowed us to hold face-to-face events once again where we brought together the most important people in the technological world.


In September, together with our partner Red Hat, the first face-to-face event of the year was held in Panama, where they discussed the value of automated processes in companies, with the presence of Norberto Araya as representative of Red Hat and Rootstack´s Diego Tejera and Andrés Buitrón.


red hat


Then, in November, we arrived in Colombia together with Microsoft, where we talk about the benefits of the Azure tool for the health industry. Juan Daniel Flores was present for Rootstack, accompanied by Alonso Verdugo from Microsoft.




Rootstack implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Rootstack Senior Management is committed to quality commitment through the development, implementation and maintenance of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, meeting the requirements of each client on their way to digital acceleration and exceeding the expectations of interested parties., based on your technical requirements applied to the products and services we offer.


With highly trained professionals, we seek to build ecosystems of solutions that revolutionize each business and transform it from its essence, managing to optimize the experiences of the clients' end consumers and promoting comprehensive digital transformations.




We establish ourselves as experts in Shopify, AWS and RPA


Just as we managed to grow in collaborators and cement the quality of the company's services, at Rootstack we faced new challenges that led us to become experts in some technologies with which we achieved innovative projects.


Shopify is one of these technologies. The quintessential tool to build e-commerce platforms, we have a team of certified experts with vast experience who have created the most attractive and useful online sales platforms for our clients, increasing their sales and surpassing the competition.


Between one project and another, we managed to master all the services that are within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool, helping companies to fully migrate to cloud computing, the biggest technological trend of 2022.


Another of the technological trends that we dominated in 2022 was Robotic Process Automation, or RPA. We managed to successfully complete several automation projects, allowing our clients to improve their internal systems and thus increase the effectiveness of the company.




We aim for 2023 innovating and strengthening the work with our partners


Innovations in technology occur daily, which is why at Rootstack we are aiming for a 2023 of the first times: a year where we manage to continue at the top of the technological wave and be able to continue offering our clients the best of this market.


We have great plans and goals to meet for this 2023, including consolidating our position in the Latin American market as one of the best companies in the region. Also, working on projects with a higher level of complexity, which will challenge our team and serve as an experience for our company.


We also want to partner with more world-class technology companies, in addition to our prestigious actual partners: Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, Odoo, Acquia, Mulesoft and Linode.


At Rootstack we aim for a year of success, we want to continue helping our clients in their technological projects and we are ready for new challenges.


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