Rootstack attended eMerge Americas 2024 in Miami

April 26, 2024

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emerge americas


In seeking to foster alliances with the most important companies in the world and expand our technological expertise, Rootstack attended the eMerge Americas 2024 event that took place in the city of Miami, United States.


The more than 20,000 attendees traveled from fifty countries, ready to learn about the latest technology trends and make strategic connections. Diego Tejera, our CTO, was present, raising the name of Rootstack.



Rootstack at eMerge Americas 2024


During April 18 and 19, technology industry leaders enjoyed numerous talks and presentations, where they focused on topics such as artificial intelligence and its integration with quantum computing, the use of technology in health, Fintech and trends in the area, cybersecurity, the latest trends in climate technology and the advances that have been made towards inclusion and equity in the technology industry.


On the eMerge Americas portal they explained “This year, eMerge Americas celebrates 10 years of driving technological innovation and shaping the future of technology. At this year's annual conference + expo, our 10 unique content topics delve into how technology is rapidly evolving and the top trends of today and tomorrow, including AI + quantum computing, health technology, entrepreneurship, investments, and much more".


Over the two days, our CTO attended several talks where he was able to learn valuable information about the trends of 2024 and thus be able to provide new solutions and services to our international clients.



About eMerge Americas


eMerge Americas is a conference and technology platform that focuses on innovation and digital transformation in the Americas. It brings together entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and industry leaders to discuss emerging trends, showcase innovative technologies, and foster collaboration in the technology ecosystem.


The conference typically features keynote speakers, panel discussions, startup competitions, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge technology showcases. Its goal is to promote Miami as a technology and entrepreneurship center in the Americas and beyond.


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