What are the most popular software development tools?

March 09, 2022

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Software development is one of the most demanded professions or trades in recent years. Millions of people in the world have decided to pursue a professional career as programmers, creating the applications and websites that we visit every day, which is why several tools have been created with the intention of making life easier for developers.


The world of software development is always changing, it evolves constantly and it is your duty to be updated with the technologies that dominate it at the moment, so in this blog, we will give you a list of the five most used tools when creating an app or website.


Top 5 software development tools


The software development industry is always changing, new frameworks, technologies, and tools are being launched on the market every moment in order to meet the demands of modern and fast applications that go hand in hand with the needs of the user. Let's take a look at the ten most popular tools among software developers:




software development


It's a mainstream text editor that has made its way into developer preferences, in part due to the performance and security it offers. This tool comes with a complete access package, including a file browser, an integrated FTP client, a Git integration solution, as well as other features.


UltraEdit stands out from other software development tools by having the ability to handle large files, bring themes to customize the appearance of the application, support full OS integrations, and allow XML and JSON reformatting using built-in managers.




software development


For someone new to web development, Quixy is the ideal choice. This is a tool that has gained ground among software companies that apply the Managed Teams option as it allows people without much programming knowledge to be taught how to automate workflows without having to write a single line of code.


With this software development tool, users can start their app from scratch or build it based on templates from the Quixy app store. In addition, it allows you to integrate third-party applications through ready-to-use connectors.




software development


When you're building an app or website you will make mistakes, it's part of the trade and part of life, but to help us correct them is Embold. This is a software analytics platform that does just that: it analyzes the source code and uncovers issues that might be affecting stability, robustness, and maintainability.


Among its advantages, it also has the ability to detect anti-patterns and thus avoid the combination of code that cannot be maintained. Also, it allows deeper and faster checks than other standard editors.




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This software development tool, created in 2001, is low code and allows you to automate web services and applications in the backend. It is an ideal tool for when you need to create an application that accelerates the design, development, and automation of custom business processes, including here the integration of applications, databases, and systems.


Among its advantages, it has more than a hundred pre-built plugin programming functions, its inputs and outputs include almost any SQL and NoSQL database, and it can automate processes through a timer.




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With its slogan “Software that makes Software”, this is a platform that has been on the market for more than 30 years, enjoying resounding success from the first moment it was made available to software developers. Among its different functionalities, it allows the automatic creation and maintenance of programs, databases, and applications in multiple languages ​​and different platforms.


Among its key advantages, which have made it a favorite among developers, the following stand out automatic software generation through artificial intelligence, flexibility with the support of a greater number of databases, and an included security module.


These five tools, according to the SoftwareTestingHelp and Ubiqum portals, are currently the most popular for software development. It is worth including GitHub in this list, perhaps the most popular software development and hosting platform among developers, it will always be useful when developing an application or website.


Our developers at Rootstack make use of these and other tools when creating the technologies that solve the problems of our international clients.


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