In these cases you should hire a long-term software development company

August 08, 2022

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software development company


Undertaking a software development project is not a decision lightly. Not taking the proper time for development and rushing everything can have a significant impact on the quality and success of the end result.


By taking a more meticulous and deliberate approach, development teams can more effectively identify precise requirements, plan more thoroughly, and design more robust solutions.


When looking for a software development company, many businesses are only thinking of completing an urgent project and then continue their path in the world of technology alone. But is it really the most useful for companies? Not really.


software development company


Creating a long-term relationship with a software development company can be very useful and strategic for the growth of a business. This kind of collaboration allows you to anticipate potential challenges and obstacles, which leads to a more efficient allocation of resources and a reduction in the number of errors and rework.


It also allows greater flexibility before changes and future growth projections, since the software development company will have enough context of your business to propose solutions on the fly.


In this article we will explain in which cases it is convenient to hire a software development company in the long term.


When to hire a long-term software development company?

Hiring a software development company for the long term can be a smart strategic decision in certain scenarios, which we will talk about below:


Complex and large-scale projects

When the project is large and complex, having a software development company for the long term can ensure the availability of resources and experience necessary to handle all phases of the project efficiently.


Lack of internal expertise

If your internal team does not have the necessary software development experience to tackle a specific project, a specialized company can provide technical knowledge and best practices that guarantee a successful result.


Limited resources

If your company lacks the resources to establish and maintain an in-house development team, hiring a long-term software development company can be a cost-effective and scalable solution.

software development company

Focus on core business

Outsourcing software development allows your team to focus on core business activities instead of being distracted by managing development projects.


Ongoing maintenance and support

A long-term software development company can provide ongoing support after product release, ensuring timely resolution of issues and deployment of updates.


Risk reduction

An experienced software development company can help mitigate risk by offering a structured approach and proven methodologies, reducing the chance of delays and unforeseen problems.


Innovation and updated technology

Software development companies are often aware of the latest technological trends and innovative approaches, which can enrich your project with modern and efficient solutions.


Before hiring a software development company, evaluate the following aspects:

  • Do thorough research
  • Review your past project history
  • Check references
  • Make sure their approach and values match those of your business
  • Communication and transparency are essential


Benefits of working with a software development company in the long term


Invaluable experience and collaboration

“Outsourced software and technology professionals can provide essential feedback and challenge traditional business processes that may not be the most efficient. This can lead to more creativity, new ideas, concepts, and processes within your business. Having worked with many different companies and strategies, these professionals have a clear and unbiased understanding of what works and what doesn't", they emphasized in an article on the Enterprise Times portal.


“By working closely with businesses, a team at a software development company can help evaluate and improve business processes. All this adds to the process of generating a culture between companies to drive digital transformation”, they added.

software development company

Consistent access to software developers

By working with a software development company in the long term, a company can be sure that it will have the necessary and expert team to support the development of software projects and different operations of the technological area.


The global tech talent shortage is a reality: The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted a shortfall of 4 million software developers by 2025, they cited in a Forbes article. So working directly with a software development company over the long term ensures continued access to the developers the client needs.


Cost effectiveness

Companies are giving high priority to cost reduction, they explained in a Deloitte report, especially after the pandemic and the global recession it caused. Hiring a software development company to work in the long term is a very profitable decision at an economic level, since the company is released from the initial costs of hiring.


In this case, the software development company provides the appropriate equipment and resources, taking care of all the administrative and recruiting of these personnel. The client that hires the provider only has to worry about paying for the service received, without expenses associated with human resources, hiring and training.


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