Top 10 most popular RPA tools in 2022

May 25, 2022

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Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, incorporates automation through bots to perform mechanical tasks such as data manipulation, communication with other internal systems, generation of email responses, and transaction processing.


Governed by framework inputs, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business logic, and intelligent automation, it aims to automate daily and repetitive tasks, reduce human labor, streamline business operations, reduce production costs, and improve efficiency and productivity levels. productivity.


RPA processes allow companies to configure the software to be able to automate the applications of processes, tasks, and other transactions that can leave human personnel free to attend to other more important areas.


It is estimated that workers could save up to 80% of their time by no longer performing unnecessary tasks, increasing employee productivity, and allocating a significant amount of time to higher-value tasks.


The most popular RPA tools of 2022


Keysight's Eggplant




This is software that offers RPA solutions to automate the repetitive tasks of a company. Among its advantages, it stands out as its universal engine that allows you to test any type of system, in addition to being able to use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux, providing automation from start to finish and interaction with various systems to be able to carry out complex tasks.


Eggplant allows you to chain a data source and run tasks for each one. It supports automatic and manual processes or a combination of both and can be run without constant supervision.


Inflectra Rapise




Rapise, created by Inflectra, is basically an automated testing system that specializes in testing complex applications like MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP. It has support for hybrid business scenarios and can automate web, desktop, and mobile applications.


RPA experts and engineers have in Rapise the possibility to connect with the user interface of the application under a test mode, simulate some user actions to complete the company's tasks and thus verify that they work correctly. This is an easy tool to use, even for people with no programming knowledge.


Blue Prism




Blue Prism RPA provides all the basic and necessary capabilities for the automation of a company's tasks. It is a tool suitable for working on any platform and with any application, it requires the user to have prior knowledge of programming, but it is easy to learn how to use it.


One of its main advantages is fast execution and being independent of any platform, having the ability to adapt to any. One of the disadvantages when using it is that the person must have a high level of programming knowledge, in addition to its high cost.






UiPath provides all the basic capabilities. Provides support for Citrix. It's also easy to use for non-developers. Can handle complex processes. And this tool is perfect for businesses of any size.


This tool offers the user the necessary security of their data by handling credentials and encrypting the information, as well as role-based access controls.


Automation Anywhere




This tool offers the user basic task automation capabilities. A fairly simple to use tool is ideal for medium and large companies, it also offers effective cloud computing services.


With its proven security, it uses authentication, encryption, and credentials to protect any sensitive data. It also gives the user real-time reports and analytics, plus it can be used on any platform.






A classic process automation tool for business. It can be used on desktop servers, in addition to offering only cloud-based services and solutions. It works on Windows, Linux, or Mac and helps in the deployment of your solutions to clients.


This tool does not store any execution data in a database, rather everything is stored in memory. With Pega, you can also distribute work across desktop, server, and employees.






An ideal tool for businesses of any size, it offers both on-premises and cloud services and Citrix support, as well as working for all workstation applications.


It can communicate with active applications as well as those that are minimized, it can also communicate with all workstations in parallel and offers its users current reports and analytics.


Nice Systems




This is one of the smartest RPA tools and helps the employees of any company to perform repetitive tasks. Offers help in automating mundane tasks, Adherence Compliance and Up-selling.


This tool is specially designed for tasks of Human Resources, Finance, and all similar departments. Provides local service and also in the cloud, in addition to detailed analytics and execution reports.






Kofax can work with virtually any application. Coding skills are not required for this tool. You can process data from any website, desktop application, and portal.


This tool performs repetitive tasks efficiently, it can also monitor and optimize the processes. It can be centrally managed from a server and is easy to integrate with the Kapow Katalyst platform.






It is a tool that offers three solutions for task automation: unattended, attended, and hybrid. An unattended solution is smart and can make decisions on its own, while the attended solution gives you speed, effectiveness, and efficiency at work. The hybrid solution is a combination of the previous two.


Kryon is a scalable system, it helps with product improvement and offers a recording function.


Do you need an RPA solution?


According to one of the latest reports from Global Market Insights Inc., by 2024, we will most likely see the RPA market reach $5 billion. For the most part, this is related to companies adopting RPA to upgrade and improve their capabilities and streamline their processes while actively working to reduce overall costs. This shows how companies of all sizes plan to adopt this technology due to its usability and adaptability.


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