UiPath vs Automation Anywhere vs Blue Prism: Which is the best option for your company?

June 13, 2024

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Automation is the solution to the present, it is no longer the future. Being able to free employees from routine tasks and let bots or software take care of them represents a great benefit for any company. Have you already experienced it or just imagined it?


In the field of robotic process automation (RPA), three of the main competitors are UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. These providers offer comprehensive solutions for automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency, and reducing operating costs.


Below, we will analyze and compare their main capabilities in terms of attended and unattended robots, in addition to identifying the equivalent services on each platform.


Key aspects of UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism: Let's compare


Attended and Unattended Robots


Currently, there are two types of Bots, attended and unattended. Attended bots improve human collaboration, while unattended bots optimize massive tasks.


Attended bots are virtual assistants. These bots are digital collaborators designed to interact and coexist with human employees, offering immediate help on specific tasks that may be tedious or time-consuming. Unlike unattended bots, they operate independently and automatically, without having to be executed by a person. It also requires no supervision and can operate on multiple PCs or servers.




  • Attended Robots: UiPath offers attended robots that activate on demand to assist employees in their daily tasks. These robots work alongside users, allowing them to initiate and control automated tasks right from their desktops.
  • Unattended Robots: UiPath's unattended robots operate without the need for human intervention, executing automated processes from start to finish. These robots are ideal for high-volume, repetitive tasks, and can be managed and monitored through the UiPath Orchestrator.


Automation Anywhere


  • Attended Robots: Automation Anywhere provides attended bots that help users perform repetitive tasks in real-time. These bots can be launched by employees from their desktops, integrating seamlessly into their daily workflows.
  • Unattended Robots: Automation Anywhere unattended bots operate autonomously, carrying out tasks without human intervention. These bots are managed and monitored through the Control Room, which offers a centralized view of the performance and status of the bots.


Blue Prism


  • Attended Robots: Blue Prism has begun to include attended robots in its offering, although it has traditionally been stronger in unattended robots. These attended robots collaborate with employees, helping them with specific tasks on demand.
  • Unattended Robots: Blue Prism's unattended robots are highly efficient and operate without human supervision, automating complex, high-volume processes. The management and monitoring of these robots is carried out through the Blue Prism Control Room.


UiPath stands out for its ease of use, allowing employees to initiate and control automated tasks from their desktop with attended robots, and handle repetitive and high-volume tasks with unattended robots through the UiPath Orchestrator. Automation Anywhere provides seamless integration of attended bots into daily workflows and manages your unattended bots through the Control Room, offering a centralized view of performance. Blue Prism, while traditionally stronger in unattended robots, has begun incorporating attended robots to collaborate with employees on specific tasks, and its Blue Prism Control Room efficiently manages automated processes.




Process Mining


Process Mining allows organizations to discover, analyze, and improve their business processes. Use data from IT systems to create detailed process maps, identifying bottlenecks and automation opportunities. This integration facilitates continuous optimization of automated processes within the UiPath RPA platform.




In their official documentation, they explain “UiPath Process Mining is a Process Mining solution that transforms data from your IT systems into interactive visual dashboards, allowing you to see existing value declines, bottlenecks, and discrepancies, as well as understand the root causes and possible risks. It provides valuable real-time insights to improve business processes over time.”


Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere has integrated Process Mining capabilities through the acquisition of FortressIQ, which is a solution that allows organizations to analyze and map their business processes, providing a deep understanding of current operations and helping to identify key areas for automation.


Blue Prism


Blue Prism does not offer its own Process Mining solution, but has partnered with companies specialized in this area, such as Celonis. These partnerships allow Blue Prism users to leverage the capabilities of Process Mining to discover and optimize processes, facilitating more effective implementation of automation.


In summary, UiPath stands out for its own Process Mining solution, which converts IT data into interactive visual panels, allowing bottlenecks and risks to be identified and solved in real-time. Automation Anywhere, through the acquisition of FortressIQ, offers Process Mining capabilities that allow you to analyze and map business processes, identifying key areas for automation.




Action Center




UiPath Action Center facilitates collaboration between robots and humans, allowing employees to manage exceptions and tasks that require human intervention from a centralized interface. This ensures that automated processes can continue without significant interruptions, improving operational efficiency.


Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere AARI (Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface) offers similar functionality, allowing users to interact with bots and manage exceptions in real-time. AARI improves collaboration between humans and bots, ensuring seamless integration of automation into business processes.


Blue Prism


Blue Prism does not have a direct equivalent to Action Center, but allows integration with task and workflow management tools to achieve similar functionality. These integrations facilitate the interaction between employees and robots, allowing efficient management of exceptions and complex tasks.


UiPath Action Center stands out for its ability to facilitate collaboration between robots and humans, allowing exceptions and tasks that require human intervention to be managed from a centralized interface, which improves operational efficiency.


So which is the best of the three tools? This boils down to the one that best suits the needs of your project. At Rootstack we have used Uipath within several projects to create automation solutions and bots improving the productivity of our clients.


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