What are the most popular/useful React Native libraries?

April 07, 2022

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react native


React Native is an open-source technology developed by Facebook to build native, cross-platform mobile apps from the same code base written in JavaScript and React.


What does this mean? This solves the typical problem of creating an app, which can run on both Android and iOS, without having two separate projects in two programming languages, something that has become typical in app development.


React Native allows you to create mobile applications using React but it is not the same React for the web but a React focused on apps, this means that when you develop, although you can use many React concepts such as components, state handlers, and others, you no longer it will use HTML elements if not, now it will use them with native mobile interface elements.


Most Useful React Native Libraries


React Native has an extensive online community and therefore there are hundreds of libraries available to the user where they will obtain different resources to create their application. We tell you which are the most popular among the experts on this technology.


React Native Paper


react native


It is a cross-platform library based on Google's Material Design. It offers the user ready-to-use components and also customizable components. If you want to use this library and reduce its size, you can download the Babel plugin that allows you to choose the modules, this will leave out all the modules that your application does not need and include only those that are important for development.


React Native Elements


react native


This is one of the oldest React Native libraries and the best for developers just starting out with this technology. It is a cross-platform UI kit that implements Material Designs to function. It has internal components already built, instead of following a custom design system. Unlike other libraries that can offer you dark and light themes, in Elements, you must define your themes for them to work.




react native


NativeBase is a library that has practically existed since React Native was created, it has a long list of cross-platform UI components that come ready to be used, depending on the needs of your application. It supports other themes and also offers the option of templates through a paid subscription.


React Native UI Kitten


react native


An open-source library ideal for applications built with React Native. It is based on the Eva Design System and has more than 480 icons of its own. It allows you to create custom themes and also has two pre-made themes that you can use. There are over 20 essential UI components you can use, and it's also one of the few UI libraries that offer right-to-left typing system support for all of its components, a fact to keep in mind for global applications. It has web support as well.


Lottie for React Native


This library, created by Airbnb, allows you to make dynamic animations. This library offers animations that can be used for free for applications created with React Native, either for Android or iOS. Also, with the use of Adobe After Effects, you can create custom animations with this library.


React Native Maps


react native


This is a very useful library that offers custom map components for apps built with React Native. It includes in its components: MapView, Marker, Polygon, Polyline, Callout, Circle, HeatMap, and Geojson. With the use of these components, you can give your application different experiences for the maps, you can even combine them using the Animated API to give different effects to each component, such as you can animate the zoom, the coordinates, and others. The only drawback of this library is that it is only available for the latest version of React Native.


With these libraries, the development experience in React Native will be fast and easy, being able to create dynamic applications that are ideal for new trends in technology. At Rootstack, we have a team of the app and mobile development experts who have been able to provide solutions to the technical problems of our international customers.


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