What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Benefits for your business

February 16, 2023

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Modern companies need a software or system to manage their internal administrative processes and thus carry everything correctly without setbacks. A CRM platform, such as Salesforce, may be the right one for this, in addition to benefiting the marketing department.


Salesforce is one of the most in-demand CRM platforms today for its powerful features and ease of use for non-technical teams. Salesforce integrates all the customer information used by the different departments of the company, unifying the work of the sales, marketing, commerce and service teams.


Salesforce Core Benefits


Not only is collecting data what a company that uses Salesforce CRM in its internal systems will get, it also has other important benefits:


  • With Salesforce, you'll be able to get more leads and close deals faster.
  • Improve customer satisfaction, increasing loyalty and retention.
  • Connects with customers on social media and mobile devices.
  • It allows anticipating the needs and desires of customers by evaluating their recent behaviors.
  • You can manage sales anywhere and at any time.





What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


Like any good modern technology, Salesforce offers a variety of product and tool options for its millions of users worldwide, including the very useful Marketing Cloud, a platform focused on the marketing automation domain and customer engagement in it.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Saas platform with specialties that are focused on marketers so that they can, for example, deliver messages at the right time during a campaign timeline, plus this tool also helps with customer interactions.




Integrated Solutions in Salesforce Cloud Marketing


This platform has integrated solutions of:


  • Content creation
  • Email Studio
  • Social studio
  • Analysis of data
  • Customer journey Management
  • Personalized websites
  • Mobile studio


Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Help with personalized customer journey


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform for personalizing customer interactions and the customer journey, turning the customer journey into a positive experience for both the brand and the customer. As the journey progresses, touchpoints and functionality can be improved and tailored to the most mutually beneficial experience.


Customer base


By using Salesforce Marketing Cloud we have the option of connecting the data with the marketing processes in order to optimize them, this offers a clear vision of all the work that has been done in this department.


A precisely defined CTA


By having a clear understanding of customer profile attributes and behavior, we can create a specific CTA, or call to action, that engages the customer and is helpful in the long run. This adapts to whatever channel is used, be it mobile, social media or email.


Analysis of data


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is hosted in the cloud, so it is not necessary to have other servers, resulting in an efficient and organized marketing process. Customer data and campaigns are available at all times on the platform.




Optimized marketing campaigns


With the use of this platform, users will be able to have real-time interaction with clients, this contributes to the creation and delivery of relevant content in the channels that best suit the client.


Data management


Optimal data management, such as that offered by Salesforce Cloud Marketing, helps to know the phases of the customer's journey, the interaction with each email and this contributes to improving the communication of accurate information and thus creating a valuable relationship with the customer.




With REST API and SOAP API, Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers excellent integration capabilities to its users, leading to increased contact information and timely import of relevant content.


Third party applications


Third-party apps and other Salesforce apps can be integrated to enhance their functionality and add new ones. This fulfills the Salesforce Marketing Cloud goal of increasing capabilities and personalizing business objectives. Apps like AppExchange and other products can be used.


Artificial intelligence


Einstein is the artificial intelligence technology that Salesforce uses to automate and improve its processes, it can also be used in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to cover the areas of engagement, optimization of message sending time and the guarantee of a personalized experience to avoid the fear disconnection.    


These are the biggest benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for companies that adopt this platform. At Rootstack we offer a team of Salesforce experts ready to help you in all your company's projects, just contact us and let's start working together, leading your company to the new digital trends.


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