Why build an e-commerce with Drupal?

October 18, 2022

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Drupal CMS is one of the most used systems in the world: more than a million companies use this platform as the CMS for their websites due to the flexibility and versatility it brings to the business. It is a platform that serves both to create small and classic web pages, to web pages for large institutions and corporations. And with its Drupal Commerce version, of course you can create amazing e-commerce platforms.


As Drupal Commerce is an open-source CMS, companies have as much freedom as possible to customize their systems without any limitations. "Drupal is also designed to be scalable, so you can take your business from small volume to large sales with the same system," they said in an article on the Up City portal.


Reasons to create your e-commerce with Drupal Commerce


  • You can start creating your e-commerce quickly, through the modules already prefabricated by the Drupal developer community. It's a matter of selecting the modules that fit your business, integrating them into your platform and that's it.
  • Likewise, there are templates that you can use to quickly shape your e-commerce. They are all customizable.
  • Drupal Commerce is optimized for mobile devices: “You can be sure that with Drupal (including Drupal 7 and Drupal 8) your site will work on multiple devices, that your images and inventory will display correctly, and that the checkout funnel will be as easy to use as possible for their customers”, they noted in the same Up City article.
  • In the technology industry, there are Drupal development companies that are ready to offer the best for small, medium or large businesses.


drupal commerce


Drupal Commerce features that can incredibly benefit your e-commerce


Taxonomy module


“The Taxonomy module organizes the filtering and classification of products in the product catalog of the website. Without this, an online store is impossible”, they explained in adci SolutionsDrupal CMS allows you to structure data and products in a more efficient and orderly way.


Focus on e-commerce


The advantage of Drupal Commerce is that it is an e-commerce oriented CMS: it has the best features of a CMS and an e-commerce, integrated in a single product.




Integration with third-party services


The flexibility that Drupal Commerce provides in this sense is unbeatable, since you can easily integrate services such as payment systems, plugins to analyze and monitor e-commerce, integration with social networks, configure a chatbot to respond to your e-commerce the most basic doubts of the users.




It is very easy to create versions of your e-commerce in different languages through Drupal Commerce, so you can have greater reach and exposure on the Internet.


Good UX


One of the most attractive features of Drupal Commerce is its intuitive graphical interface, with easy-to-understand templates for users and unparalleled loading speed. All this contributes to the construction of a good user experience, with a functional design that meets the immediate needs of customers.


drupal commerce


Drupal Commerce is one of the most accessible options for those entrepreneurs who want to move their business to the digital world, and it is also an excellent alternative for large companies looking to expand their digital business with a scalable system.


With Drupal Commerce you will be able to put together your product list in a way that is easy for your customers to use, the configuration of the payment gateway is free of complexities, so the entire purchase and payment process will be one of the simplest for your prospects.


On the side of business administrators, through Drupal Commerce, they will also have access to inventory data, rate calculation, among other features that will help them manage their business in the most optimal way possible.


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