Why small and medium companies should outsource their process to Latin America

June 18, 2021

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Everyone seems to think that outsourcing your software development process is just a valid option if you are a big company, and that statement couldn’t be far away from the truth.


You see, outsourcing is a great idea for every kind of company, but it is especially beneficial for small and medium companies who can’t afford to do this process on their very own.


Software development and all the tasks that involve creating a software makes this a really hard and long process most small and medium companies can’t handle on their own. So, if you’re one of those companies, and you’re currently looking for options to outsource your software development process, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider outsourcing providers in Latin America to do this.

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Why small and medium companies should outsource their process to Latin America 

Latin America is a growing market

When you look at the numbers and statistics, most IT and software developer providers com from either Asia or Latin America, being these two regions the ones with most options to choose from.


However, Latin America has surpassed Asia, becoming the fastest growing outsourcing industry. As a matter of fact, according to a research made by Stack Overflow at the beginning of the year, the population of programmers and developers reached to 21 million people.


This means you, as a company, have many options to choose from, literally 21 million (probably even more by know) where to choose your next software development provider.

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Save money and cut expenses

The main reason small and medium companies should outsource their software development process to Latin America is pretty simple: The costs are significantly lower over there.


Now, keep in mind developing a software is a pricey process. It does cost money and you will have to invest a significant amount, however, when you compare the prices of working with a nearshore developer from


Latin America, to working with an onshore or local provider, the benefits shine by themselves. Just to give you an idea, a local developer could cost you anywhere


Being able to save some money on developing a process allows your company to relocate that capital and invest it in something else that might be a bit more urgent to your own company.


More effective processes

As a small or medium company you need an outsourcing provider who can and will be able to get back to you in real time, working effectively from day one, and sadly, Asian and European developers won’t be able to do this due to the extreme different time zones.


Meanwhile, working with a Latin America nearshore developer will allow you to work alongside a team that will be in a very similar time zone as your company, making it possible to keep a good workflow from the very first moment.

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Work with experts

Now, experts do not necessarily mean certificated developers or programmers (although some experts are certificated developers) but rather people who have a fair knowledge and experience on working in such process.


Like we said, Latin America has over 21 million software developers, and countries like Peru, Brazil, Chile and Colombia represent the regions with the most experts on technology and software developing (this according to Stack Overflow). So, if you’re looking to work alongside people who know what they are doing, this is the right option for you.


Focus on more urgent matters

Last, but definitely not least, outsourcing your software development process to Latin America providers will allow you not only to cut cost but also to focus your workforce on tackling more urgent tasks.


Delegating such heavy tasks that aren’t necessarily the core of your business is a huge matter for small and medium companies who have too much on their hands and too little time to take care of such things.


To sum everything up, Latin America is a great region with a lot of talent to offer to outside companies who are looking for help. If you’re in the middle of making such a huge decision, you really should consider outsourcing your software development process to Latin America and work with a nearshore provider from there. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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