Why startups should outsource to Latin America

June 18, 2021

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In the last ten years, software outsourcing has become extremely popular amongst companies from all over the world who are looking for a faster, better and accessible way to develop different software solutions.


However, as big as this market has gotten in the last few years, there’s still the stigma that only big or medium companies should look for offshore or nearshore solutions to help them get where they need to be.


And well, let us you tell you that is a lie. You don’t have to be a huge, multinational company in order to search for nearshore outsourcing services! Any company, no matter how big or small, can enroll on the outsourcing market… Even a startup.


Why software outsourcing is a great idea for a startup


Starting a company is a difficult process, there’s no denying that. But with the right methods, and the right decisions, your startup can quickly become a well established company in the span of a few years.


However, you can expect to do this on your own, specially when it comes to software development. Luckily for you, that’s when software outsourcing comes in handy.


Software outsourcing offers you the best way to achieve your goals without having to invest every penny on it, allowing you to work with experts software engineers from other country. Choosing to outsource your software development process can result in:


  1. Having access to better technologies

  2. Working with expert software engineers

  3. Improvement of your online presence and more


Of course, when it comes to outsourcing, you’ve got two options: offshore and nearshore solutions. And, even when offshore might seem as the most tempting option available, as a startup, your best bet will always be nearshore software development.


Offshore vs nearshore software development


We have a previous blog that compares these two types of software outsourcing options, and where we talk about which one is more convenient for those currently looking for an offshore or nearshore solution.


Although that blog is not directly targeted towards startups, we truly recommend you to read it first before continuing with this reading so you can have a better idea of what to expect from each different option.


Now, as to why exactly you should look for a nearshore solutions instead of an offshore solution, the reason is pretty simple: It is easier to outsource your software development services to a nearby region (Like Latin America).


Looking for a nearshore solution means no dealing with language barrier, no dealing with drastically different time zones, and what is better: You get to work with a team that is already similar to yours.


Latin America software outsourcing: The best option for startups


Let’s be realistic for a moment, offshore software development is quickly deteriorating and losing popularity every day that passes by, as we stated on a previous report you can read here.


On the other hand, latin america software outsourcing is quickly picking up, which for you, it means that going for a nearshore solution is the best option you’ve got in order to really impulse your company to grow.


Latin america software outsourcing can bring you many benefits that your startup company wouldn’t get by working with an offshore company. If you don’t believe us, let us tell you the reasons why this is actually a good idea:


1: Nearshore solutions are more secure than offshore


We have talked about this in the report we previously mentioned, but it is worth to talk about it once again. The truth is, nearshore solutions are safer and more secure than offshore software development.


As a startup company, this is extremely important. You own a small company that can’t afford to lose neither the money nor the time that you would lose if you choose to work with a sketchy offshore partner.


On the other hand, going for a nearshore company based in Latin America will assure you, you’ll be working hand-to-hand with reliable, expert software engineers and proper nearshore companies that will make up for your time and money.


2: Latin America offers more viable options than any other region


Although it is true Asia has the biggest population of IT outsourcing companies in the world, Latin America comes as the second biggest software outsourcing region with actual viable options.


You see, many of these offshore companies based on Asia are very small, inexperience, and even sketchy companies that don’t have nor the engineers or hardwares to really create a software development process.


On the other hand, each one of the latin america software outsourcing companies represent a viable option, opening up more opportunities for you to find the perfect nearshore partner.


3: You won’t have to deal with a language barrier


The great thing about nearshore companies in Latin America is that most of these countries (Lika Panama, for example) already speak both english and spanish, meaning that you don’t have to worry for a language barrier.


This will automatically improve your relationship with any nearshore company that offers IT outsourcing services since the communication will be much more direct and fluent, benefiting both parties.


4: Find a custom-made solution for you


Last, but definitely not least, embarking on a nearshore solution with a company from Latin America will most likely assure you a custom-made solution and an overall better experience.


Yes, it is true you are never a company's only client, however, nearshore solutions offer you the option of working with a software development partner that actually creates a plan that suits your necessities and adapts to your goals, due dates and requirements, offering you a customizable experience, and an unique solution.


As a startup, you need to find nothing but the very best solutions that make your company grow the way you want it to, and here in Rootstack we can help you out achieve that with our software solutions.


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