5 Must-Have Website Developer Skills in 2024

October 04, 2023

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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web developement


Web development is always evolving as technology evolves, requiring developers to stay current on the newest trends, expertise, and abilities in order to create pages and applications that satisfy the expectations of users and their clients.


As Coursera explains, "the job of a web developer is to create websites." While their primary responsibility is to guarantee that the website is visually appealing and easy to use, many web developers are also responsible for the website's performance and capacity, thus it is critical that you have some specific talents to achieve this.



web developement


By 2024, every web developer should have the following skills


Website development is a constantly changing business, and remaining current with the latest skills and technology is critical to success. Here are five must-have skills for website developers that are expected to be relevant in 2024:


Front-end development


  • HTML/CSS: It is necessary to have a basic understanding of HTML in order to organize web content and CSS in order to design.
  • To design dynamic and responsive user interfaces, master JavaScript and associated libraries or frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.


Web design that is responsive


Ensure that websites are built to work well on a variety of screen sizes and devices, including mobile phones and tablets.


web developement


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)


Creating progressive web apps that provide a native app-like web experience, including offline functionality, push alerts, and quick loading times.


Back-end development


  • Server-side programming languages such as Node.js, Python, Ruby, or PHP are required.
  • Database skills and knowledge of SQL or NoSQL databases are required.


Web performance optimization


Understand techniques to optimize website performance, including efficient coding, image optimization, lazy loading, and content delivery networks (CDN).


web developement


Other web developer talents that should not be overlooked by 2024


Other talents and abilities involved in the creation of software products will also need to be considered by developers in 2024. One of these is knowledge of version control systems such as Git for tracking changes, collaborating with teams, and managing code repositories.


Furthermore, it is recommended to have a solid understanding of web security best practices, such as secure user data processing and protection against common web vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).


To create websites that are not only functional but also visually appealing and easy to use, web designers must be familiar with UX/UI principles. Have also worked with prominent CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, which are often utilized for website creation.


APIs will continue to be a dominant technology solution in 2024, therefore web developers must be able to integrate APIs and third-party services into websites, allowing for more functionality and data sharing.


web developement


Web accessibility is another talent that is dominating software product creation, with the purpose of encompassing all types of individuals. To guarantee that websites are inclusive and useable for individuals with disabilities, the web developer must be familiar with web accessibility standards and guidelines.


Similarly, understand cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud for hosting and scaling web applications. Proficient in testing frameworks and techniques for identifying and resolving code bugs.


Keep in mind that the web development landscape is ever-changing, and new technologies and tools may appear before 2024. To be a great website developer in the future, you must be curious, learn new things, and adapt to industry changes.


At Rootstack, our web developers have the expertise and skills required to produce functioning software products that satisfy our customers' and their users' expectations while maintaining high levels of satisfaction.


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