7 deadly sins of software outsourcing

June 18, 2021

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software outsourcing


Everyone knows engaging in software outsourcing for the first time isn’t easy. It means working with a company that’s far away from you, proving a service you are not familiar with.


However, as a nearshore company ourselves we are familiar with this process and the common mistakes consumers tend to make when outsourcing their software development processes.


Actually, we have a blog talking about the red flags you should look for when working with an IT outsourcing company, which we recommend you to read before continuing with this article.


So, just because we want to continue helping you and making your experience more pleasant and actually beneficial for you, here are the seven deadly sins people make when software outsourcing.


software outsourcing


7 deadly sins of software outsourcing

1: Picking Offshore over Nearshore software development

Choosing to work with an offshore company isn’t actually a bad idea on its own, actually, offshore software development can be extremely beneficial when done right, as we have previously mentioned in our other blog.


However, when outsourcing for the first time, picking an offshore company over a nearshore one is a really bad idea. Having to deal with drastically different time zones, significant language barriers and communication problems can lead to a horrible software outsourcing experience. If you don’t believe us, you might want to read our blog where we compare offshore vs nearshore outsourcing, and draw your own conclusion.


2: Picking image over expertise

Going for the company with the nicest website, the best online image, and the most followers on social media, over choosing the right company with expert developers and technologies, can result in a disaster.


This usually happens because companies don’t know how to choose the right nearshore provider, and don’t know which factors they should take into consideration when doing so, which results in companies pairing up with interprets software developers.


software outsourcing


3: No checking for their previous experience

Being successful in software outsourcing depends heavily on the company’s ability to search for the right nearshore provider, which includes checking for their previous experiences.


Going into a working relationship with a nearshore company without previously checking for their software outsourcing experience and how they have handled similar projects, it’s a great mistake.


4: Asking for more than they can handle

This goes along with the previous point, but pairing up with an offshore or nearshore company that doesn’t have the resources or human team to cater for your requests will end up in a failing process.


Being aware of the scope of your project and the expertise of the IT outsourcing provider you’re thinking about working with is a MUST. Remember, the nearshore company should be able to take on your project in an easy-going-way.


5: Barging for a lower price

We have said this once and we will say it again: Software development isn’t cheap. Is it going for an offshore or nearshore solution cost effective? Yes, is this going to help you save money? Yes, but it isn’t cheap.


Barging for a lower price in the hopes of getting a discount will only unmotivated the IT outsourcing provider, not to mention, you could end up with a mediocre software solution that doesn’t meet your expectations or necessities.


Be aware of how much does a software solution really costs and create a budget accordingly. This way, you’ll be conscious about what it takes, and chose an IT provider that falls into your price range but also offers a good service.


6: Not getting involved in the process

One of the main reasons so many software outsourcing projects fail are because companies (the costumer, meaning you) don’t get involved in the software development process, but rather choose to leave everything up to the software provider.


Getting involved, keeping track of how the project is evolving, maintaining metrics that help you determine the state and progress of the project and overall giving and receiving feedback is a must-do in these types of working relationships.


software outsourcing


7: Not caring about how they do software development

We know the second most popular reason why companies choose to outsource their software development processes is because they don’t have the team, resources or expertise to do it themselves.


However, this is not an excuse. Not because you’re not an expert software engineer means you shouldn’t care about how the IT outsourcing provider is planning to take on your project, which software development methodology will they use, which technologies will they implement and so on.


Working with an offshore or nearshore company doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. You just have to avoid this common sins, pay attention to who you’re working with, and pick a trustful provider, and you’ll be okay.


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