Advantages of IT Outsourcing in a pandemic

February 15, 2021

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More than 2 million mobile applications were launched on the market in 2021 alone, according to an App Annie report, being an area that is in total growth and expansion. Almost all aspects of our lives can be managed through an app, from our bank account to turning the lights on and off at home. The demand for digital solutions for users is increasing, so IT outsourcing becomes more timely.


Yes, companies in all industries are today facing a great challenge: to meet the demands and needs of their customers through technological solutions that offer them an excellent user experience and that, at the same time, allow them to businesses streamline many of their processes. For this, obviously, they need qualified professionals and it is something that IT outsourcing can provide.


IT outsourcing, the solution for companies in the pandemic


There are many technology partners in the industry that offer their IT outsourcing services, through which they provide software engineers and developers to companies that need them, supporting them in the creation of cutting-edge digital applications and platforms.


In fact, the consulting firm Gartner defines the IT outsourcing service as follows: "It is the use of external service providers to offer infrastructure solutions, application services and IT-enabled business processes to obtain business results".




They also highlight in their article how useful this outsourcing modality is since it allows a reduction in software development costs, allows platforms to be ready faster, speeding up their commercialization.


The pandemic has undoubtedly increased the demand for IT outsourcing services, since many companies have changed face-to-face work to remote work, so that, from anywhere in the world, an outsourcing engineer or developer can be hired to collaborate with our projects.


According to NTT Ltd's 2020 Global Managed Services Report, at least 45% of companies now plan to outsource technology staff in the next 18 months, an important figure as they are recognizing the value that this support brings to organisations, regardless of the industry to which they belong.


In addition, companies have learned to recognize that productivity with a remote team does not decrease at all, it is quite the opposite: professionals are focused on delivering results, having an even greater commitment than in-house teams.


Advantages of IT outsourcing in the pandemic

What is the value of outsourcing during this time of pandemic? Well, a lot, since it allows companies to solve their most essential and immediate needs, thus covering the deficit of global software developers and engineers.




Access to advanced technology


“The volatility of information technology can quickly make IT skills obsolete. The software is updated and replaced very quickly; when an entity invests and trains its full-time staff, the technology may no longer be state-of-the-art,” explains an article published in the Journal of Accountancy. Through outsourcing providers, companies can meet their needs for modern and cutting-edge technology.


Cost savings and quality


In this time of pandemic, companies are doing their best to reduce expenses, investing only in what is urgent and truly important. So, by needing technology personnel, direct hiring can be affected because it requires a high investment and training. On the other hand, with the IT outsourcing service, companies can receive the support of professionals in a specific project or for a certain time, paying only for that service they are hiring, no more. And these staff are already properly trained in the latest technologies, so you don't have to invest in this.






Computer outsourcing is beneficial for companies as it allows them to respond to the changing needs and requirements of users. Technology is changing every minute and it is essential to be up to date as a company to know what to do and how to do it efficiently. “External providers can often have a wide range of resources, skills, and capabilities, while internal staff can have limited capabilities,” the same Journal of Accountancy article alleges.


With these advantages and benefits that we have just shared, we hope we have made it clear how valuable the support that an outsourcing service can provide to companies is. Analyze the situation of your business, evaluate strengths and weaknesses and let's talk about how outsourcing can bring you even closer to your business goals.


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