Outsourcing team: How does it work?

June 18, 2021

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outsourcing team


Having an outsourcing team outside the company's facilities might seem daunting when considering teamwork and communication, but it doesn't have to be. With proper management, outsourced teams can seamlessly integrate with in-house teams.


outsourcing team


The outsourcing team should always be taken into consideration


An outsourcing team shouldn't feel like an isolated entity; they should be included and managed with the same information as the rest of the team. Despite being in a different location, they need to stay informed about recent project activities.


Avoid falling into a bias


When things go wrong there’s always the need to go around pointing fingers at who did what and in a situation where there’s an outsourcing team it’s pretty easy to fall into bias and look for someone to blame there but people fail to realize that them being an external team it doesn’t mean they are always going to make the mistakes. If there’s an error or a hiccup don’t rush into assuming who did it and first take the time to investigate the issue.


Trust the outsourcing team


Having an outsourcing team located miles away working on your project might be nerve-wracking for a project manager, but there’s often no reason to fear. The team likely passed a thorough screening of their experience and methodologies, covering many potential concerns. Trust in your team is crucial—let them work as they know best. Address any issues that arise and find ways to prevent them in the future, but avoid showing constant signs of distrust without cause.


outsourcing team


Establish communication guidelines with an outsourcing team


Let your outsourcing team know how you prefer to manage communication. Clearly outline how often you want check-ins or progress reports. Don’t hesitate to hold regular meetings, such as daily standups or weekly check-in calls, to build a stronger rapport beyond chats and emails.


Encourage team conversations


Make the outsourcing team feel comfortable enough to talk with the in-house team about any topic regarding work, whether they have a question about a shared project or a project one of them is in. They need to be able to relate to people who work in the same situation and environment as they do. 


The outsourcing team should also feel encouraged to share any opinion they deem valuable for the project. Communication should always be the priority when handling an outsourced team, they will feel welcome and you will be able to trust them with your tasks. As a project manager, you should be doing as much as possible to allow the outsourced team to integrate with the in-house team brings better collaboration practices and an overall improvement in the development experience.


Advantages of an outsourcing team


  • Expert team


The main reason for hiring a remote outsourcing team is the possibility of having a team of experts who offer quick and effective solutions to your problems. If we talk about recruiters, they can help you get the employee you just need to fill that important vacancy, since they have the necessary knowledge to attract talent and differentiate who can work and who does not have what it takes for the vacancy.


  • Hiring


By having to hire a person directly from your company, you must deal with a lot of paperwork, in addition to other expenses parallel to the worker's salary. When you decide to go the outsourcing route, you save yourself all of these hassles. You can hire a company specialized in these processes, with the staff you need to cover the needs of your company and only make one payment, letting them take care of the paperwork and the rest of the processes.


outsourcing team


  • Low cost


An outsourcing team that attends to certain areas of your company can cost you up to half of what a permanent staff would cost you in the company. By subcontracting personnel, you would save yourself the costs of hiring and internal training of all your new employees. In addition to this, your outsourced staff fee includes recruitment costs, interviews, and skills tests, if necessary, to which you would submit your new employees.


In addition, outsourcing the hiring of experts can also reduce training costs, since the candidates they find will have the necessary skills and experience to do the job right from the start.


  • Labor force


By hiring an outsourcing team you can do it for a limited amount of time, for example, they help you during the busiest seasons of your company and you already dispense with them when the number of work decreases, this avoids having to pay permanent staff when it is not necessary. necessary to do it.


  • Low risk of personal injury


Having outsourcing team also allows you to avoid those mistakes of permanently hiring a person who you thought was the right one for the position but who, over the months, turned out to be untrained for the amount of work and has only resulted in an excess of expenses and bad times.

When you partner with a staffing firm, you can take advantage of temporary-to-permanent opportunities. You can bring in new workers, test them at their workplace, and then make a decision to hire them permanently or not. This can significantly reduce your risks of poor hiring decisions and the consequences that come with these risks.


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