Advantages of utilizing custom made software

June 18, 2021


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At the moment we need a software solution for our company, we can usually choose between two ways to get what we need; Pre-manufactured software or custom software. At first instance, it may seem a better idea to use pre-fabricated software and even in some cases it is, however all businesses are different and each one has its special needs, so using an already pre-manufactured software will result in adapting the company to the software and not the software to the company. Why develop a custom software? - The processes within your company are unique, with Custom Software the software adapts to your processes. With pre-fabricated software, your company must adapt to the software. - Your business model is different from other companies. - Custom Software allows you to customize what you should do, which results in the streamlining of your processes. - The software can adapt to the changes of your company over time. - You can have customized tools that guarantee the success of your company. - By having total control and owning all software, you are not tied to a single provider. What questions should each company ask before validating if it needs a custom software development or pre-fabricated software? - Do I really need it? - Why do I need it? - Does it cover my needs? - Is it within my budget ranges? - It is flexible? Once you can answer these questions you can define what type of software do you really need. Custom made software allows the company to participate in the process and adaptation of each of its functionalities, for which the company can have the total domain of the Software. In Rootstack as a Software Development Provider in Panama when making a custom software development, the first thing we always recommend to our potential clients is to go through a consultancy phase, these are a variety of meetings that take place between the company and our technical team with the purpose of analyzing each process, create or give them forms, after having this defined, we’re able to go to the design having all the bases of the project clear and this way our customers can validate that the Custom Made Software they are developing is attached to each of the activities that are carried out within the company.