Different Types of Web Portals

October 13, 2022

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web portal


A web portal is a modern solution for companies to have a presence on the Internet and to be able to offer their services or content to their clients and users in a private way, without having the free exposure of a website.


The main difference between a website and a web portal is that web portals provide a single point of access, usually in the form of a login experience.


Whether it is to market products, provide services or build an initiative to control internal employee flows, a web portal is an excellent tool to establish long-term relationships with customers or users.


Types of web portals


There is no specific type of web portal since it adapts to the needs of its creator. These are the main types:


Customer portal


This is a type of platform that focuses on the client and through a personalized access point, with a password and user, they can have access to the organization's data that they need. For example, you can see the invoices for the service to be paid, policies, orders, and deliveries and have the option of online payments.


This is a type of web portal that adapts to the needs of a company that provides different services, such as a telephone company, cable television or even a food company that needs to sell its products online.


web portal


Corporate portal


This is a type of web portal for use within the company or organization, through which information is provided to employees, customers and partners. This portal is used for internal staff training, and team participation, and where all the processes and interfaces necessary for the company's day-to-day activities will be included.


Educational portals


An educational web portal, in addition to containing an extensive library of documents focused on teaching, allows a personalized experience for each user. Here, the student can access all the information regarding their career, in addition to seeing the current status of the ongoing semester or year, have information about their grades and activities in the educational institute that are of interest to them.


Information portal


This type of web portal provides a type of specialized information that is attractive to users. An example of this type of web portal is one subscription news, such as The New Yorker, which contains information sections, culture, books, and technology news, but also has special articles that achieve high daily traffic.


Human Resources Portal


These types of portals are specially designed for the human resources department of a company, where employees can access information related to this department and learn about all the processes and flows that they must follow for their daily work. These portals tend to be dynamic and interactive, as well as attractive to external users as they can access job vacancies and applications.


E-commerce portal


An example of this type of portal can be that of the Skullcandy brand, through which they sell their famous headphones and any accessories related to them, with an easy-to-understand portal where the characteristic colors of the brand are observed.


web portal


Benefits of a web portal


Growth opportunity


Application integration and external services will allow you to expand your business.


Self service


Your customers or users can directly request a quote or place an order through the web portal and get instant feedback.


Business efficiency


Online portals can improve team productivity, save you money, encourage communication, and keep employees up to date.




Having a web portal is an important selling point to offering services and growing your business.


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