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November 02, 2023

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it staff augmentation


One of the keys to the success of any organization in today's digital world is having an IT staff augmentation team that masters the technical skills necessary to manage and protect computer systems.


However, evaluating these technical skills is not an easy task, as it involves several challenges for both evaluators and those evaluated. That's why in this blog we'll look at some of these challenges and offer some practical suggestions for overcoming them and conducting effective technical assessments.


it staff augmentation

Challenges in evaluating IT staffing technical skills

One of the main challenges in evaluating the technical skills of an IT staffing team lies in the rapidly changing nature of technology. Constant technological advances mean that software developers must continually update themselves to stay up to date with the latest trends and tools. Therefore, assessing current and relevant technical skills becomes a complicated task.


Another challenge is the diversity of roles within an IT staffing team. From system administrators to software developers to cybersecurity experts, each role requires specific skill sets. Assessing these skills fairly and accurately can be complicated, as each position may have different technical requirements and knowledge.


Additionally, assessment of technical skills is often done using traditional methods such as interviews and written tests, which may not be fully representative of the candidate's actual skills in a dynamic and collaborative work environment.


it staff augmentation


Strategies for evaluating the technical skills of an IT staffing team

Despite these challenges, there are effective strategies to evaluate the technical skills of an IT staffing team accurately and fairly.


  • Tests based on real scenarios

One of the most efficient strategies is the adoption of practical tests based on real scenarios. These IT staff augmentation team tests allow its members to demonstrate their skills by solving technical problems similar to those they would encounter in their daily work.


Additionally, practical tests can be tailored to assess specific skills related to particular roles, such as the ability to configure servers or develop applications.


“We ask our candidates to write code to solve an industry-related problem, as well as answer open-ended questions in a research paper. It is a long two-hour process and follows a prior technical selection interview”, commented the director of a company in a Forbes article.


  • Structured technical interview with the IT staff augmentation team

Another useful strategy is implementing structured technical interviews with IT staff augmentation teams, where specific job-related questions are asked and how candidates address technical issues in real time is assessed. These interviews provide valuable insight into problem-solving skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.


In a Workable article, they also advise having access to the GitHub of the IT staff augmentation team, to have reference to the previous projects they have worked on. “You can also submit automated coding tests and discuss them during an initial interview”, they added.



  • Online evaluation platform

Additionally, companies may consider using online assessment platforms that offer a variety of standardized technical tests to assess skills in areas such as programming, networking, and security. These platforms provide objective results and help companies identify the most qualified candidates efficiently.


  • Assign a short project to develop at home

At-home projects typically consist of longer tasks, requiring 2 to 4 hours to complete. These activities focus on delving into a specific skill or technology necessary for the job.


Normally, these tasks are paid and aim to reduce the list of IT staff augmentation equipment options to just two or three finalists who will go on to the final selection stage. For this reason, they are very useful as a follow-up to the initial interview, Workable also recommended.


  • Always review previous projects

The IT staff augmentation team's past projects are an essential tool to evaluate the skills of developers and to ask relevant questions that allow them to quickly identify their strengths and areas for improvement. It's a great strategy to test your creativity, problem-solving skills, and your proficiency in specific languages.

Assessing the technical skills of an IT staff augmentation team is essential to ensuring the continued success of an organization in today's digital business environment. Although there are inherent challenges, companies can overcome these obstacles by adopting effective strategies such as practical tests, structured technical interviews, and the use of online assessment platforms.


it staff augmentation


By implementing these innovative and adaptive assessment techniques, organizations can build and maintain highly competent IT staff augmentation teams that drive innovation, operational efficiency and security in the ever-changing digital world.


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