The role of technology companies in the face of the new normal

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies

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Andrea Sarralde, a journalist for MyMCMedia, interviewed Juan Carlos Morales, Regional Vice President of Rootstack. In this interesting conversation, they discussed the increasing use of technology to carry out daily tasks, especially those related to children’s education.


They spoke of the importance of getting adequate infrastructure for this process to run smoothly. They also talked about the role of supervision that parents have in the face of the kids’ prolonged exposure in the virtual world, both in the educational and in the social field. The current situation led to children staying connected with their devices even after virtual classes, thus modifying their ability to relate to others and the world around them.


It is here where parents’ ability to set limits administered directly from the devices and to foster awareness about the existing risks comes into play. It is also crucial that they pay special attention to any unusual change in the children’s behavior.


In this way, Morales reflected on the new software development possibilities that arise for companies in the technological field. One of them is Rootstack, one of the top app development companies that has been developing technological solutions for more than 10 years. For example, there is the challenge of creating more user-friendly web and mobile applications to bring greater possibilities for effective and efficient communication.




Morales also emphasized Rootstack’s commitment to contributing its human potential and its industry experience to provide high-quality results. Regardless of the required solution, be it something related to web development, applications, or automation systems, Roostack knows how to help develop projects that respond to this new reality by applying the best technologies and methodologies.


Morales closed the interview by highlighting how Rootstack can be a key partner to support organizations in all aspects of their business, thus guiding them on their path towards digital transformation.


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