Steps to implement IT Staff Augmentation

February 15, 2021

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Staff Augmentation


We all like to feel like we can create amazing things by ourselves. Feeling that we have the autonomy and knowledge to carry out the most demanding and creative projects. That is why companies strive every day to strengthen their teams, to make their businesses much more competitive than the rest and to succeed in the industry to which they belong. 


But sometimes, even though they have a lot to gain from growing and being successful, they don't have enough capital to hire staff. That is where the IT Staff Augmentation service becomes a very attractive option because it allows teams to be reinforced with qualified personnel, without sacrificing quality or budget.


"Staff Augmentation is the use of external personnel on a temporary basis to increase the capacity of your organization", explains Toptal in an article on this subject, detailing that this service is sought by companies when they need to increase the operational capacity of the team, since either for a temporary project or for the high demand of the clients in a certain season.


But the IT Staff Augmentation service is also requested when the in-house team needs specific skills and tools, as well as to be more agile when introducing a product to the market, for example. They are very varied that a Staffing team can exercise in your company.


Staff Augmentation


How do you know when you need the IT Staff Augmentation service?


If you find yourself in these three situations, you may need the IT Staffing service, according to an article by Daxx:


  • When your in-house team is working on a project but you want to speed up development, hiring another team to take on another part of the project.
  • When you need to add engineers to your team with specific skills that are not easily found in the location where you are.
  • When you need to work directly with professionals who are not part of an outsourcing service. The advantage of IT Staff Augmentation is that professionals are integrated into your team, working directly with the company, even if they are external resources.


Staff Augmentation


Steps to implement IT Staff Augmentation in your company


1. Identify the current needs of your company so you can decide what type of Staff Augmentation is the most appropriate. Also think about whether you require this service in the short or medium term, if the personnel you require is to reinforce the team at a specific time or if you require experts in specific technologies.

2. Evaluate various profiles of technology companies that offer the IT Staff Augmentation service, analyze their experience and what their teams offer. Don't get hooked by excessively low or high prices, look for a balance and ask what they are willing to do for that rate.


Staff Augmentation


3. When you choose the technological partner, the negotiation with him begins. In the meetings they have, they will discuss the details of the employment contract and establish the rules that will govern this business relationship.

4. This is followed by the signing of this contract, which also establishes who will be the developers who will temporarily join the company's in-house team.


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