Top Companies using Mulesoft on New York

November 23, 2022

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation



MuleSoft is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which is an architecture with a set of rules to integrate applications together using a bus-like infrastructure. Basically, the engineers integrate multiple applications by putting a communication bus between them and then enable each application to communicate to the bus. 


MuleSoft focuses on systems integrations. The goal of these integrations is to allow companies to easily connect technology systems or software that their employees use daily. By integrating these systems, corporations can achieve high levels of efficiency and automation on their processes, impacting their operational and financial results positively. 





Enterprises have around 900 applications on average. Only 29% of them are connected to each other. This ratifies the importance of having a tool that can connect them within each other to exchange data and execute actions that enhance user experience, boosting productivity and rentability in large-scale corporations. 


Some of the most important companies in the world that use MuleSoft are eBay, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Netflix, Target, among others.




Here is a list of important corporations located in New York that trust MuleSoft as their Enterprise Service Bus:



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