Vue.js developer: what profile should they have

September 02, 2022

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vue js developer


Among the special frameworks to work on the frontend side of an application or website, Vue.js is one of the favorites. It's simple learning method, low weight, and various functions make this technology one of the most popular at the moment. There are a lot of Vue js Developer and we tell you all you need to know about this position. 


On their official website, they explain it “Vue is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It is based on standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and provides a component-based, declarative programming model that helps you efficiently develop simple or complex user interfaces.”


A frontend developer is in charge of the design and implementation of the interface of the web page or mobile application. His responsibility is to make sure that the design created by the web designer works correctly online, for this he uses programming languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Skills and knowledge needed to be a Vue.js developer


To become a successful Vue.js developer you need to have basic technical knowledge in website and application development and programming. It is recommended to study a computer-related career as a software engineer or systems engineer, in addition to having that natural curiosity for everything related to modern technology.


Among the responsibilities that a Vue.js developer has within a project is writing with JavaScript, developing web applications and components, having the knowledge to write robust and scalable code and being able to stay in coordination with the other developers and the project manager.


vue js developer


In detail, these are the technical skills a Vue.js developer should have:


  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or any specific degree you prefer
  • At least 3-5+ years (//edit as per your requirements) of experience in Vue.js and object-oriented programming
  • Command of the JavaScript language, including its syntax and features.
  • Strong understanding of the Vue.js framework and its basic principles
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem
  • Work experience with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Knowledge of server-side rendering.
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, clean, and scalable JavaScript code


This technical knowledge is essential when hiring a Vue.js developer, but this person must also have certain human skills necessary to be able to develop well within the company and with the client.


The Vue.js developer must have a strong sense of empathy and camaraderie. Being a software developer is a pretty lonely profession since you can spend hours sitting in front of a computer without exchanging a single word with another human being, but this does not mean that you should completely put aside your ability to show interest in the feelings of others. the rest. other.


Empathy could be described as putting yourself in the other person's shoes, understanding their problems, and taking an interest in helping them solve them. The best software developers will try to understand their clients or colleagues as it will allow them to do their job better and finish the project quickly.


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