What can be automated in software development?

August 05, 2022

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software development


Software development is one of the most used practices today among companies in any industry. In addition to helping to publicize a product or service and keeping in constant communication with customers and users, it is useful in the company's internal processes, automating tasks and lightening the load on human personnel.


In addition to this automation of tasks, several of its steps can be automated in the same software development process. Let's take a look at what can be automated and how this can benefit both the developer and the customer.


Software development tasks that can be automated


The tasks within a software development process that can be automated are those that do not have the need for creativity or the human eye always on them, they are repetitive and almost mechanical processes.


Rapid application development


At Prodperfect they explain this step by saying “A lot of boilerplate code is used to rapidly develop new applications. Many popular frameworks come with pre-built unit tests as part of the framework itself or the scaffolding that is generated to help start new projects. These tests are often ideal for automation as they are the same for all projects and are often quite elementary in nature, testing core functionality without the need to apply complicated or project-specific logic.”


software development


Code generation


The code tests and the data of the same test can be generated automatically. “These tests are great for test cases where the logic is simple but a lot of data is needed to test it, like input validation. Many different field entries can be automatically generated to test a wide variety of edge cases much more quickly and comprehensively than manual testing.


Benefits of software development automation


By automating some software development processes, results can be produced faster and more consistently. You can save yourself the “battle” between quality assurance, or QA, teams to meet tight deadlines and choose which parts to test.


dedicated software development


What is Dedicated Software Development and do I need it for my company?


Within the software development process, we can also count on a team that is one hundred percent dedicated to the company's project, this practice is known as Dedicated Software Development.


At Ncube they say "It refers to a model where a virtual team is intertwined with a client's software project, working from the vendor's office. Typically, the vendor assembles a dedicated development team from scratch and tailors it." to the client's project.


dedicated software development team


Benefits of a Dedicated Software Development Team


The main thing is the economic benefits. Having a single developer hired by the company could mean a salary of up to 200 thousand dollars a month, which would be multiplied by being a team. Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team will mean that the expenses involved in having the team will be borne by the provider, with the company, the client in this case, paying only the service fee.


Other benefits listed in NCube are:


  • A dedicated team model is best when you need to speed up the project to meet schedule requirements.
  • Get a jump in time to market. Speed ​​is another benefit associated with a dedicated development team, as you don't need to distract your internal team from the main project to handle your side project.


In addition to this, having immediate access to experienced developers on the project to work on is tremendously valuable. The company does not have to go through the process of recruiting, interviewing and possibly training, wasting time and even money on a person who may not be qualified for the position.


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