What philosophy of language is best for me? Ruby or Python?

November 16, 2022

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Currently in the technology and development market, Python and Ruby are two of the languages ​​with the greatest demand due to their versatility and the ease of learning to use both: from software engineers to people who did not pursue a technical degree.


Ruby, according to the definition offered on its website, stands out for being a "simple and powerful object-oriented programming language, created by Yukihiro Matsumoto". Its usability for text processing stands out, for which it has been compared with other programming languages, such as Perl, for example.


On the other hand, we have Python, a programming language that has become one of the favorites when it comes to automating tasks. Python has an impact on a lot of specialties in the technology industry, explained Facundo García Martoni in a technical talk at Platzi. For example, with Python you can build a backend, which is responsible for building the logic of an application.


It is also useful in computer security: “If we have ever wanted to become white-layer hackers, protectors of a company's computer security, Python is a good idea because we can build different scripts (...) that automate things in this field, which allow us to protect this equipment effectively”.


Ruby and Python Philosophy


There are certain factors of both languages ​​that make it appropriate for one or the other group of developers. Let's explore the most important ones so you can have a clear idea of ​​which one best suit your career or your project.




In this line, Python takes the lead. In a 2020 survey of the most popular programming languages ​​by StackOverflow experts, Python ranked 3rd above SQL, while Ruby only came in 17th, a position that doesn't reflect how functional SQL is. language.


Best starting language


Despite the fact that Ruby is an easy language to learn and that it can be the ideal when starting the step of a programmer in the creation of applications, Python once again leads this category. Python's syntax is clearer to read and write, as well as being similar to English, making it more accessible for people new to web development and task automation, the latter being one of the most widely used. popular Python in the last year.




An aspect in which both languages ​​end up on par. The performance when working on a large application is the same in both Python and Ruby - it will work just fine for experts in both languages, getting all the tools and features they need to complete the process.




Which is better for a professional career?


It all depends on your age or the current moment of your career. Ruby, or its Ruby on Rails framework, is ideal for those people who started a little late in their lives in the world of programming. Python has been the one for young people who are starting out in technology, as well as being the most sought after by software agencies and companies in general.


Machine learning and automation


In this line, Python is victorious again. It is one of the programming languages ​​that is best suited to machine learning or task automation projects, as well as having libraries such as Scikit, NumPy, TensorFlow and Keras, which contain valuable information for this type of project.


These are the essential aspects to take into account between the two programming languages, which should always be reviewed by both developers interested in learning Python or Ruby, or companies interested in starting a technological project with one of the two.


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