Why choose software development providers in Colombia?

December 28, 2021

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proveedores de desarrollo de software en colombia


Colombia has been growing exponentially in the technological field, investing and betting on innovation, which has allowed this country to expand and position itself in the global technology market. And software development providers in Colombia are being increasingly requested by local companies and from all over the world, due to the high quality of their teams.


According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics, the Information Technology sector grew by 10.1% in 2021, which is a good indicator to determine technological advances in this country.


Among the most demanded technological profiles in Colombia is the software developer, followed by support and maintenance, commercial advisor and Q/A Testing, they detailed in an article on the Impacto TIC portal. All these profiles are offered by software development providers in Colombia.


proveedores de desarrollo de software en colombia


Reasons to choose software providers in Colombia


  • According to the Global Skills Report published by Coursera, Colombia is in the first place of countries with the most skills to work with Data Science, also occupying one of the first places in terms of managing emerging technologies.
  • Software development providers in Colombia apply agile methodologies to their projects, so that the creation of applications and software in general is faster, more efficient, and with fewer errors.


proveedores de desarrollo de software en colombia


  • Large companies such as AWS, Wizeline and Facebook choose Latin American talent for project outsourcing, which validates the quality of Colombian resources.
  • One of the main reasons for hiring software development providers in Colombia is cost optimization. In Latam, the costs for technological services are more competitive than in the USA, for example.
  • Software developers in Latin America usually have, on average, 5 years of work experience.
  • Colombia is in the top 5 of the best software developers in Latam.


proveedores de desarrollo de software en colombia


Characteristics of the Colombian technology market


The internal demand for technological resources is constantly growing, as indicated by figures shared by the Invest In Colombia portal. In fact, the industries that most demand technological services or solutions are the manufacturing industry, government, the financial sector, and communications, according to Gartner data.


In addition, Colombia was ranked in 2019 as the fourth largest IT market in Latin America. Technology parks and investment funds in Colombia are partly responsible for this technological expansion.


proveedores de desarrollo de software en colombia


On the academic side, Colombia also stands out as a great option to hire software development providers: 12 Colombian universities are in the top 100 in Latin America.


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