6 advantages of the Dedicated Software Development Team model

August 01, 2022

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dedicated software development


In the world of software development, there are many working models that companies can take advantage of to develop their projects, depending on the needs they have for their projects. One of the most implemented models by organizations is the Dedicated Software Development Team.


Depending on the type of product you are developing, you can hire outsourcing resources that enhance the work of your team. You can hire individual resources to do specific tasks or dedicated teams that focus on managing your entire project. You can also hire a Dedicate Software Developer to work only on your project.


What does the Dedicated Software Development Team model consist of?


A dedicated software development team is a business model in software development that refers to long-term collaboration between a client (an outsourcing company) and a service provider (a dedicated development team). All dedicated team members work exclusively for you, as do your internal teams”, they explained in an article in Altigee magazine.


dedicated software development


It is a collaborative work model, in which the dedicated software development team generally works remotely and, above all, is involved in fully defined projects from start to finish.


There are really not many limitations when working with a dedicated software development team, as they fit any context and company, regardless of industry or size. In many scenarios, this way of working can work perfectly.


For example, if your company is small but you want to develop a product as quickly as possible, you can hire this dedicated development team to inject speed. These outsourcing software teams are also magnificent to cover the need for personnel specialized in some technology.


It is possible that you are also developing your project and suddenly realize that your in-house team is insufficient for all the tasks that need to be executed. Hiring a dedicated development team can solve this problem as hiring is usually quick and resources onboarding immediate.


dedicated software development


Advantages of the Dedicated Software Development Team for companies


Cover talent gaps


“The most common reason for creating a dedicated software development team is a lack of local tech talent. Fortunately, a large number of communication and management tools allow companies to have a level of control over the process similar to that of an internal team”, they detailed in an article on the Ncube portal.


Whatever time you need it, you can hire a dedicated outsourcing team to join your team, without going through the cumbersome stages of recruiting and hiring a permanent resource.


dedicated software development


Accelerate software development


If you need to develop your software product urgently, you can streamline the process with a dedicated team that is fully focused on your project tasks. One of the positive aspects of this type of work is that there is a wide availability of quality talent and resources, so you will always find an option for your project.


dedicated software development


Superior experience with a dedicated software development team


The experience that dedicated software development teams have is indisputable, as they are constantly working on challenging projects that nurture their job prospects and enhance their skills. They also frequently seek to update themselves on the latest technologies, so these resources are a guarantee of experience and expertise.


Productivity is always on the rise


“Your office will be operational 24 hours a day. Managing a remote team has its challenges, but this work model also provides a lot of coverage, since two teams working 8 hours are equivalent to 16 hours a day dedicated to your project”, they highlighted in Ncube.


Fits the budget


“The dedicated software development team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: there are monthly payments that depend on the size of the team. Payment is made up of member salaries + service provider fee, which includes administrative overhead,” they detailed in an Eastern Peak article.


Stable team


The dedicated software development team, as the name suggests, will be 100% dedicated to the client who hires them. These are not resources that are working on multiple projects at the same time. This dedication ensures that the product or software is created in less time, without sacrificing quality. Due to the remote nature of these outsourcing teams, they are trained to maintain assertive communication with clients, whether through Skype, Trello, Jira, Microsoft Teams, among other teamwork tools.


dedicated team


Steps to work with a Dedicated Software Development Team


  • You, as a company, need to define what your project really needs. Depending on what you need, you will be able to know the amount of resources you require and the skills that are needed.
  • Once the project is defined, the search for a technology provider that has the dedicated development team with the features you need begins. When hiring him, the tasks, the project requirements and the development estimate are agreed upon.
  • Once the work of the dedicated development team begins, the work schedule and communication channels between the team and the company that hired it are defined.
  • "The client has full management control over the project and the team, while the services of the dedicated team are focused on providing the best results," they explained in an article on The App Solutions portal.


A technology partner can help you create this dedicated software development team, bringing together the best professionals - regardless of their geographical location - to be at the service of your project. Do you need support? Contact us!


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